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Advanced mobile phone system (AMPS) network technology was used in 1G.
The younger generations are used to technology turning over every four to seven years (AMPS, or Advanced Mobile Phone System, to digital, digital to 3G, 3G to LTE, or Long-Term Evolution).
Applications for the gain module include cellular base station use and for repeater amplifiers for the Nordic Mobile Telephone NMT-450 and NMT-900 systems, code division multiple access systems, the Total Access Communication System and the Advanced Mobile Phone System.
With all the talk about digital wireless communications it's hard to remember that the advanced mobile phone system (AMPS) is the largest selling cellular phone system in use today.
A new 3 V, single supply, 824 to 849 MHz power amplifier for applications in the advanced mobile phone system (AMPS) has been introduced.

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