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(ā`sə), in the Bible, king of Judah, son and successor of Abijah. He was a good king, zealous in his extirpation of idols. When Baasha of Israel took Ramah (a few miles N of Jerusalem), Asa bought the help of Benhadad of Damascus and recaptured Ramah. His son Jehoshaphat succeeded him.

American National Standards Institute

An independent organization of trade associations, technical societies, professional groups, and consumer organizations; establishes and publishes standards; formerly known as the United States of America Standards Institute (USASI or ASI), and previously as the American Standards Association (ASA).


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Another complainant to the Advertising Standards Authority said the poster promoted racial stereotypes, but watchdogs disagreed.
We are delighted that the Advertising Standards Authority has upheld our complaint against these adverts, as it's factually incorrect and laughable to suggest that customers cannot save money by moving to One.
Several consumers approached the Advertising Standards Authority with the complaint that the advertisement suggested that drinking the beer made the man brave enough to tell the woman the he did not like the dress she had just bought.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the TV advert should not be shown again in its current form before 7.
The Advertising Standards Authority yesterday said it had concluded that the campaign - which was carried on buses in South Wales - did not contravene the code and it would therefore not launch an investigation.
The TV advert showing mothers giving children Nutella on toast for breakfast sparked 53 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) found the advert breached advertising rules relating to violence and cruelty, and health and safety.
BILLBOARDS bearing the slogan "Who Says Nothing Good Ever Came out of America" are causing offence across Birmingham, the Advertising Standards Authority says.
It breached five rules set out in the TV advertising code, the Advertising Standards Authority found.
It has lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority.
The Advertising Standards Authority have previously investigated complaints against this lot, so take my advice and bin their letters.
In January, the Advertising Standards Authority upheld complaints over a Pot Noodle ad showing couples seductively reading the instructions on the side of the pot, accompanied by straplines such as 'the filthy Fraulein of all snacks'.

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