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(both: ä`dəwä), Ital. Adua, town (1994 pop. 24,519), Tigray region, N Ethiopia. Lying on the highway between Aksum and Adigrat, Adwa is an agricultural trade center. Adwa was the most important commercial center of Tigray in the 19th cent., but declined in the 1870s as a result of the dislocation caused by the fighting between Ethiopia and Egypt. In 1896, Adwa was the site of the battle in which Menelik IIMenelik II
, 1844–1913, emperor of Ethiopia after 1889. He was originally ras (ruler) of Shoa (central Ethiopia). After the death (1868) of Emperor Tewodros II, Menelik, with Italian support, gained strength steadily. He seized the throne after Emperor Johannes IV died.
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 decisively defeated Italian invaders and forced them out of Ethiopia.


See R. Jonas, The Battle of Adwa (2011).

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The Italians made many tactical errors in the mountains of Adwa, against a determined and valiant Ethiopian force.
However, the "defection" of Al Adwa and Al Huwaila has dealt their chances a strong blow and they might not be able to recover in time for the crucial vote.
The parenthetical subtitle ("Vendetta Africana") appearing in the opening credits alludes to Ethiopian resistance both in the narrative and perhaps at Adwa.
South Darfur Nine latrines with super structure in Duma West and Adwa Internally Displaced Person (IDP) locations were completed by World Vision.
They inspired each other in the celebrated victory in Haiti in 1804 with the establishment of the first black republic, the Battle of Isandlwana in 1879 that saw the mighty army of the British empire vanquished, the Battle of Adwa in 1896 where the Italians suffered humiliating defeat by the Ethiopians.
The victory over Italy in 1896, Italy's defeat at Adwa foreshadowed its military hardships and failures that plagued Italy through both World Wars.
The Battle of Adwa, won by the Africans and not by the Europeans for once, was described by our female lecturer as a 'humiliating defeat' whereas the battles lost by the Africans were not seen as 'humiliating'," wrote Ursula Troche, a former SOAS student in New African February 2000.
Ethiopia's historic victory in the Battle of Adwa in March 1896, well-documented and celebrated for ending Italy's mission of conquest on the continent, may have further lessons for modern-day Africa.
WHEN was the Battle of Adwa between Italy and Ethiopia?
Indeed, the preface to the first edition of L'Ora d'Africa (dated October, 1935--as Mussolini is busy sending troops to invade Ethiopia) grants Oriani prophet status for predicting: "Non lasceremo l'Africa, la guerra riprendera e ci riprendera," in a letter responding to Italy's 1896 defeat at Adwa (4).
The tour members also visited the Art and Skills Institute, where they met Princess Adwa bint Yazid bin Abdullah, director of the center.
Walking into St Peter's Church in Hudders-field you would have been forgiven for thinking you were in Lalibela or Adwa in northern Ethiopia.