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son of Abu-Bakr. Born in the 1120’s, in Nakhichevan; died at the beginning of the 13th century. Architect, representative of the Nakhichevan architectural school of medieval Azerbaijan.

Adzhemi built the mausoleums of Yusuf, son of Kutayir (1162), and Momine-Khatun (1186), as well as minarets joined by a portal (which have not been preserved) in Nakhichevan. Adzhemi’s work is characterized by monumentally of structure combined with elegant articulation of parts and rich ornamentation. He applied constructions which were rational for his time, such as nervures and brick blocks. Ornamentation consists of complex geometric designs, inscriptions, and skillfully applied color. The compositional and ornamental techniques developed by Adzhemi had a great influence on the construction of mausoleums in both Azerbaijan and neighboring countries.


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