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New Elateridae from Peru, aedeagi. 11) Conoderus wachiperi new species.
New Elateridae from Peru, aedeagi. 17) Lissomus carmen new species.
In insects the genitalia are the most important characters that distinguish the species, especially aedeagi for male and styles lateral lobes for female adults (Mochida and Okada, 1979).
Twisted aedeagi are present in several Psychodini taxa such as Trichopsychoda Tonnoir, Threticus Eaton and Psychoda Latreille, as well as in two species of Brunettiina (Wagner & Vaillant 1983) and in the currently unplaced taxa Saximormia Jezek and Bryopharsos Quate.
Evolution of the male genitalia: morphological variation of the aedeagi in a natural population of Drosophila mediopunctata.
Examination of Aedeagi.--Aedeagi from three males of specimens identified as M.
Note that after clearing the hypopygia in KOH it becomes apparent that the aedeagi in both genera are well-hidden within the gonocoxite-hypandrial complex and that the two prongs are thin and elongate (Figs 4, 29).
The seven aedeagi (one of the holotype and six of paratypes) were dissected and examined under glycerin.
Examination of the internal male genitalia revealed that both species possessed aedeagi with distinctly different configurations (Fig.