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ancient Roman officials. The aediles plebeii, established in 494 B.C., were two assistants to the people’s tribunes. The two aediles cumies, introduced in 367 (or 366) B.C., were elected by the comitia tributa for one year.

The aediles conducted the distribution of bread to the citizens; supervised the water supply, the operation of the markets, the cleanliness of the city, and the building and maintenance of the temples; and organized games at their own expense. The two aediles ceriales were introduced by Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. to distribute bread; they were also responsible for conducting public games in the circus.

By the fourth century A.D., the office of aedile had ceased to exist.

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aediles, American courts have substantially weakened the old common law
A new Latin inscription from Mousela Episkopis, with its mention of the aediles Gortyniorum, appears to be a piece of Severan evidence for continued attention to the transit and communications network of Roman Crete, along which Aptera, Lappa, and Eleutherna were critical stations.
It is possible, though, that the city's annually elected magistrates--the aediles and duovirs--failed in their duty as law-enforcers when faced with the breakdown in civic order that follows such events: a situation especially dangerous in societies where the gulf between rich and poor--free and unfree--is so great.
An ideal edition would have explanatory appendices like those very helpful ones included in Colleen McCullough's "Masters of Rome" novels, to help us distinguish among aediles, praetors, quaestors, and so on.
More specifically, the importance of the cult of Cybele for Rome was manifested in the conspicuous position it occupied in the Roman religious calendar and public life, as Cybele was the first of the deities honored by the aediles' games.
Servilius Isauricus as consuls; the correct number of praetors (all eligible to hold the office), aediles, and quaestors.
The legal ban on alea which was part of the supervisory duties of the junior magistrates called aediles was relaxed during the great festivals, especially the Saturnalia in December.(38) Martial evokes the atmosphere: "Now the schoolboy puts away his walnuts and is ordered back by his bullying teacher, and the gambler, badly let down by the harmless-seeming dice-pot, is chucked out of the obscurity of the tavern, drunkenly begging the aedile for a few more hours.
Claudius Pulcher's role in dealing with a case of electoral fraud discovered at an assembly to elect aediles sometime in the 50s, as Varro presents it (R.