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ancient Roman officials. The aediles plebeii, established in 494 B.C., were two assistants to the people’s tribunes. The two aediles cumies, introduced in 367 (or 366) B.C., were elected by the comitia tributa for one year.

The aediles conducted the distribution of bread to the citizens; supervised the water supply, the operation of the markets, the cleanliness of the city, and the building and maintenance of the temples; and organized games at their own expense. The two aediles ceriales were introduced by Julius Caesar in 44 B.C. to distribute bread; they were also responsible for conducting public games in the circus.

By the fourth century A.D., the office of aedile had ceased to exist.

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Sin embargo, la doctrina y la jurisprudencia expandieron la responsabilidad del vendedor de otro modo: como parte de la responsabilidad impuesta por los aediles curules, era requerido al vendedor revelar los vicios del objeto en venta que normalmente eran de interes para el comprador.
Los juegos romanos eran organizados por los aediles, durante la Republica, y por los praetores, durante el Imperio, y se llevaban a cabo en el circo, el coliseo, el teatro o en el estadio.
Servilius Isauricus as consuls; the correct number of praetors (all eligible to hold the office), aediles, and quaestors.
The legal ban on alea which was part of the supervisory duties of the junior magistrates called aediles was relaxed during the great festivals, especially the Saturnalia in December.
Claudius Pulcher's role in dealing with a case of electoral fraud discovered at an assembly to elect aediles sometime in the 50s, as Varro presents it (R.
The prerogatives of the traditional magistrates (duovirs, aediles, quaestors) were largely arrogated by new civic officials, the curator and defensor.
Aemilius Seranus,padre e hijo homonimo, Cornelia Flaua y Calpurnia Urchatetelli (CIL II, 2966 = HEp8, 377, CIL II, 2967 = HEp8, 376 y HEp3, 263), miembros de una misma familia que disponen un interesante ciclo estatuario en Andelo,asi como los aediles Andelonenses Sempronius Carus Siluini f.
These didascaliae record the year of the first production (using the Roman system of dating by consuls), the public games at which it was produced, the aediles for that year, the producers, the slave who played the music, and the author of the Greek original.
2) that the voters already expected lavish entertainments given by aediles in the early 90s.
indicates that the aediles were to organize games in the circus or gladiatorial contests in the forum.
Securing those pantomimes who had reached the apex of the performing hierarchy as prime entertainers in one's shows must have been a matter of the greatest urgency for the Roman aediles charged with the organization of official games.
The Lex Scantinia and the Prosecution of Censors and Aediles.