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Aegiale (Aegle)

her tears of grief become amber. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 6]
See: Grief
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for a plate of maguey worms, larvae of the giant butterfly Aegiale hesperiaris, DeFoliart notes.
Skipper butterflies (Aegiale hesperiaris) lay eggs in a type of Mexican cactus called agave.
The statement about Semonides' founding three cities is also wrong, since only Minoa was a city of Samian foundation; we know that Aegiale and Arkesine were Naxian.(15) Given these manifest historical errors, there is hardly any reason for supposing that this story had its source in any credible logographer.(16) More likely, it is the usual construction of ancient vita tradition, perhaps designed to explain by analogy with Archilochus why Semonides was identified in some accounts as Amorgine and in others as Samian (see Test.