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(ăl`frĭk), c.955–1020, English writer and Benedictine monk. He was the greatest English scholar during the revival of learning fostered by the Benedictine monasteries in the second half of the 10th cent. His aim was to educate the laity as well as the clergy. He wrote in English a series of saints' lives and homilies—designed for use as sermons by the preachers who were generally unable to read Latin. Ælfric was also the author of a grammar, a glossary, and a colloquy, which were for many years the standard texts for Latin study in English monasteries. Among his other writings are the Heptateuch, a free English version of the first seven books of the Bible. Ælfric is considered the chief prose stylist of the period. His later writings were strongly influenced by the balance, alliteration, and rhythm of Latin prose.


See Selected Homilies (ed. by H. Sweet, 1922) and the Heptateuch and Other Writings (ed. by Early English Text Society, 1922); study by J. Hurt (1972); bibliography by L. M. Reinsma (1987).

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The great expert on Anglo-Saxon grammatical works, Vivien Law (who sadly died early in 2002), discussed both Chartres manuscripts in an article on 'AElfric's Excerptiones' in 1987, arguing that the nature and provenance of MS 56 pointed to a continental rather than English origin for the text and suggesting on the basis of the catalogue description that the other (presumably lost) manuscript, 35, was a distinct version with a closer resemblance to AElfric's Grammar, she speculated that it might have been an adaptation by AElfric himself, preparatory to the composition of the Old English version.
From each visit, the reader carries away a richer total understanding of AElfric the intellectual, teacher, or translator.
Another distinguished writer, AElfric of Eynsham, contributed material.
In this paper I should like to pay my attention to what Margaret Schlauch said about the work of one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Old English homilists, AElfric.
4) Abraham is lauded as a saint by AElfric in his Sermo de memoria sanctorum,(5) and the theme of the strength of Abraham's virtue in the face of suffering finds expression in Vercelli homily 7.
Gretsch, Mechthild, Aelfric and the Cult of Saints in Late Anglo-Saxon England.
Then his orphaned son, our young hero Uhtred (a rather easy on the eye Alexander Dreymon), has his land and inheritance taken by his scheming uncle Aelfric, and is brought up by Danish warlord Ragnar (Peter Gantzler).
During one take, I had to get off a horse, the hawk then had to land on my hand, I had to meet my wife, join my brother Aelfric and then walk up some stairs; all of this with the hawk, plus a lot of dialogue
Volume One has an extensive introduction, the texts of the Old English translations (both versions), the Napier Fragment and passages from Aelfric which used the Old English version.
Books stolen included a first edition of Beowulf and two works by the 10th Century scholar Aelfric, one printed in 1566 and the other in 1709.
This week, no longer accepted as Saxon or Dane, Uhtred and his best friend Brida are fugitives on the run from his uncle, Aelfric.