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an ancient Roman patrician family that included many state figures and generals.

Lucius Aemilius Paullus. Consul from 219 to 216 B.C.

Together with Terentius Varro, Aemilius commanded the Roman Army in the battle of Cannae.

Lucius Aemilius Paullus the Macedonian. Consul from 182 to 168 B.C.

Aemilius defeated the Macedonian king Perseus in the battle of Pydna (168 B.C.) and thus brought Macedonia under the control of Rome. For this conquest, Aemilius was nicknamed “the Macedonian.”

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One pattern worth observing is a tradition of upper-class, and perhaps rather closed upper-class, intermarriage at Oea, for the Sicinii and the Aemilii had been united before Pudentilla's marriage to Sicinius Amicus, as the name of Apuleius's prosecutor Sicinius Aemilianus indicates.
His daughter's marriage to Pontianus resembles the marriages between the Sicinii and the Aemilii, and suggests a traditional pattern of locally prominent families concentrating wealth among themselves through convenient marital alliances rather than dispersing it by admitting outsiders to their circle.
191-92 on Aemilii in the coastal cities of Tripolitania in general (25 attestations).
And yet, such a position may not have been in harmony with the stance of the play, for when we turn to the elaborate notes printed after the text of the play, we find Nero's statement about the illegitimacy of Agrippina's reference to Persian precedent glossed in the following way: "Hiervon redet die gantze Praefatio Aemilii Probi" ("This is the topic of the entire preface of Aemilius Probus," 126).