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Nevertheless, a close analysis of Ordway and his Aeolians provides a concise, comprehensible example of how the popularity and prominence of blackface minstrelsy in antebellum America speaks not just to the racial climate of the period, but also the cultural, political, and economic pulse of an American city.
The Aeolians were his creation, and he made a comfortable living off of them for nearly a decade.
SALINA ISLAND, Italy: As I watch the sun set from my terrace on the west coast of Salina, one of Italy's Aeolian Islands, I marvel again that the stone headrest I am lying against is so inexplicably comfortable.
One day we traveled west about an hour to Filicudi and tiny Alicudi, the wildest and least developed Aeolian islands, their bare cliffs showing all the violence of volcanic eruptions.
FACTFILE: Jane travelled to the Aeolian Islands with The Sicilian Experience.
Lipari, the hub of the Aeolian Islands and the busiest in the summer, is the the best place to base yourself.
A band of white at the water's edge was the village where we would make our first call in the Aeolian Islands.
The Aeolian group comprises seven inhabited volcanic islands off Sicily's northern coast.
ISLAND DREAMING The Aeolian Islands and Sicily have become one of the hot destinations of 2004.
It was built in the mid 1960s by the Del Bono family on the island of Lipari, southern Italy, when the Aeolian archipelago was still unknown to the common traveller.
"Aeolic" alludes to the poets Sappho and Alcaeus, of the Aeolian island of Lesbos, who first used these meters.
The Italian Connection (0171 486 6890) features hotel and selatering accommodation on Sicily plus Lipari and Stromboli and the other Aeolian islands of Vulcano, Salina and Panarea.