aerial photography

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aerial photography

[′e·rē·əl fə′täg·rə·fē]
The making of photographs of the ground surface from an aircraft, spacecraft, or rocket. Also known as aerophotography.
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aerial photography

aerial photography
A vertical aerial photograph.
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Various types of aerial photographs.
A photographic print or picture of an object, or of a source of radiation, on the earth's surface, developed from a film previously exposed in an airborne vehicle. In narrower terms, it is the act of taking photographs of objects on the ground from the air by aerial cameras. In this category, there are four types of aerial photographs: vertical, oblique, fan, and panoramic. Vertical photography is used for mapping, locating objects that are camouflaged, and getting the exact scale of objects. It is the main source of reconnaissance. Oblique photography is used for tactical purposes and involves taking photographs by cameras looking sideways or through nose camera(s). Fan photography uses a combination of vertical and oblique camera installation. A panoramic photograph covers a strip of land from one horizon to the other. The other types of aerial photographs are infrared photographs, radarscope photographs, video photographs, and thermal photographs.
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personal drone

A small unmanned flying vehicle that is used for entertainment or to take photos or videos from an aerial perspective. Remotely controlled and battery driven, a personal drone's flight duration is measured in minutes. Using at least three propellers, although four are generally the norm (see quadcopter), personal drones operate like a tiny helicopter and lift straight up off the ground. See UAV, insect drone and selfie drone.

Optional GoPro Camera Access
Introduced in 2015, 3DR's Solo drone was designed to access the GoPro's controls remotely and stream live from the camera. A simulated "virtual cable" can be set up between two points that allows the user to pan and tilt the GoPro on a safe flight plan. (Image courtesy of 3DR,

Tethered to the Ground
With wireless drones, range and connectivity limitations are problems. CyPhy Works' Pocket Flyer is wired to the ground station controller via a 250-foot, ultra-thin microfilament. Tethering provides unlimited flight time and smooth HD video. (Image courtesy of CyPhy Works Inc.,

Just for Fun
Small "micro" drones such as the QUARK from Rooftop Brands are designed for entertainment. The unit is charged via USB, but the remote control uses two AAA batteries.

The Nixie wraps around the wrist until it is let loose to follow and record the user's adventures. (Image courtesy of Nixie Labs, Inc.,

selfie drone

A small, unmanned flying vehicle used to take photos or videos from an aerial perspective. Using at least three propellers and typically less than two feet in diameter, a selfie drone is remote controlled. See selfie, personal drone and UAV.

The Lily Drone Follows You
Introduced in 2015, the three-pound waterproof Lily drone is literally tossed into the air. Flying from five to 50 feet above the person, who wears a tracking device, its battery lasts for about 20 minutes. (Images courtesy of Lily Robotics,
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When German air force pilots took aerial photographs of western Ukraine in 1941, they did it to help Nazi Germany defeat the Soviet Union in a war that saw the genocide of 6 million Jews.
Topographic maps often lack the resolution required to map small or topographically unexpressive landslides, while forest vegetation often hides morphologic features indicative of landslides in aerial photographs. Consequently, old slides with weak topographic expression cannot be identified in aerial photographs (Van Den Eeckhaut et al.
It added, "It has obtained from the same sources exclusive aerial photographs taken in the last two months showing the targets that Israel intends to hit, including Iraqi border crossings with Iran, such as Mehran and Bashmak, along with/ Shalamjah / border with Basra, near Kuwait.
Using aerial photographs, volunteers then digitally trace road networks, buildings and other landmarks to create map features.
Rowling trolled United States President Donald Trump by comparing his 2017 presidential inauguration crowd size to aerial photographs of people gathered to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in London on Saturday.
Earlier, Iraqi security bodies have ordered that such aircraft to be prevented from flying over the Iraqi skies for security reasons, as they were used by Daesh militants to monitor and take aerial photographs of military posts.
THESE are the rare aerial photographs that show just what a powerhouse the Black Country was 60 years ago.
The unfortunate fact is that aerial photographs were considered a grave risk to the security of the country and for this reason photogrammetry could not flourish in the private sector - even now it is only available to SOP.
The exhibition features almost 100 aerial photographs on display boards around the city centre and runs until September 11.
Tyne & Wear Archives have published this fascinating series of colour aerial photographs of Newcastle city centre, Jesmond and Gosforth.
In 1929, Charles and Anne Lindbergh were commissioned to take a series of aerial photographs documenting the ruins of various pueblos and archaeological sites in New Mexico and Arizona.

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