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(1) See Aereo.

(2) (Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open) The user interface in Windows Vista and 7 (discontinued in Windows 8). The visual experience the user receives depends on the Windows version and display adapter in the computer. The full Aero interface is provided starting with the Home Premium versions of Windows as long as the display adapter is capable. See Windows Vista and WPF.

Aero's Flip 3D Feature
All open applications can be displayed as floating 3D windows and made to rotate. Clicking the window brings it back into 2D form. The desktop also becomes a floating window (at the back in this example). Selecting the desktop minimizes all open applications. See Flip 3D.

The "Glass" Look
Translucent window borders, called "Aero Glass," are part of the Aero look.
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In addition, Strat Aero has raised approximately GBP 1.
The takeover of Aero Kinetics is worth $24 million with incentives, would create extension in the UAS sector that would enable Aero Kinetics to widen its U.
The great combination of Aero bubbly chocolate and crunchy biscuit bubbles makes it ideal for consumers looking for a sweet snack.
The new name of the divested company is VAS Aero Services and Claes Malmros will remain its president.
The ratings continue to reflect the Aero groupA[cent sign]a'[not sign]a"[cent sign]s established brand image, diversified product portfolio, healthy operating margin and strong distribution network.
By late 1992, Aero Detroit began utilizing nickel-shell tooling for body panels, which were built by PPD Recherche Inc.
With the acquisition, Pro Aero Aviation can expand into new segments of the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft and helicopters.
Pratt & Whitney has increased its programme share to 61% and MTU Aero Engines has increased its programme share from 11% to 16% via a separate risk revenue sharing agreement with Pratt & Whitney.