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The practice of growing plants without soil while suspended in air; a nutrient and water solution is sprayed on the roots and allowed to drain off to be discarded or recycled.



air culture, raising plants without soil or soil substitutes. The plants are supplied with nutrients by periodically (every 10–20 minutes) spraying the roots with an atomized nutrient solution. the aeroponic method was proposed in 1910 by the russian scholar v. m. artsikhovskii for purposes of research. Subsequently aeroponics was applied to industrial vegetable and flower production. The aeroponic method of cultivation has been applied not only to plants •whose aboveground parts are used, but also to root crops. The advantage of aeroponics is that it expends a minimum quantity of nutrient solution, and the absence of substratum decreases the size of the installation needed for raising plants. This is particularly important for raising plants in greenhouses, space stations, and ships, among other places.


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Establishing an aeroponic unit requires greater investment in capital compared to hydroponics, plus investments in skills development as minituber production in aeroponics is highly technical, thus requires greater skills development," she says.
Aeroponic farming avoids the need for pesticides and requires only a tenth of the water needed for traditional agriculture.
According to the vision first developed in 1999 by Despommier and his students, a 30-story building built on one city block and engineered to maximize year-round agricultural yield--thanks largely to artificial lighting and advanced hydroponic and aeroponic growing techniques--could feed tens of thousands of people.
com It's based on the aeroponic system of growing plants in an air and mist environment without the use of soil or aggregate medium.
In Egypt the technology developed from using old car tires or traditional clay pots for cultivation, to using various semi-intensive systems that include the table and container method as well as the hanged bags, the A-shape, wall and aeroponic facilities, all of which can be operated using manual or automatic irrigation and fertilization, explained El-Beheiry.
However, with the Aero Garden you can grow lush fauna all year round on a manageable scale, thanks to its aeroponic technology that creates a highly oxygenated, 100 per cent humidity environment.
Space-challenged apartment dwellers can grow herbs, lettuce and vegetables with aeroponic technology (the roots are suspended in the air).
These controllers combined with the high-tech indoor hydro and aeroponic systems that GrowOp designs are poised to become the picks and shovels of this new paradigm of cultivation technology.
We are currently in the process of providing specifications and costs to build out 5,000 square feet of aeroponic production space at the Tweed facility in Smiths Falls.
In our sophomore design class, we designed an aeroponic chamber for growing rice and presented it at the ASABE Annual International Meeting in Sacramento.