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aerosol dispenser,

device designed to produce a fine spray of liquid or solid particles that can be suspended in a gas such as the atmosphere. The dispenser commonly consists of a container that holds under pressure the substance to be dispersed (e.g., paints, insecticides, medications, and hair sprays) and a liquefied gas propellant. When a valve is released, the propellant forces the substance through an atomizer and out of the dispenser in the form of a fine spray. These devices are more properly termed spray dispensers rather than aerosol dispensers because the particles of the dispersed substance are usually larger than the particles of a true aerosol (see colloidcolloid
[Gr.,=gluelike], a mixture in which one substance is divided into minute particles (called colloidal particles) and dispersed throughout a second substance. The mixture is also called a colloidal system, colloidal solution, or colloidal dispersion.
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), such as a fog or a smoke. FreonFreon
[trade name], any one of a special class of chemical compounds that are used as refrigerants, aerosol propellants, and solvents. These compounds are haloalkanes, i.e., halogen derivatives of saturated hydrocarbons (see alkane).
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 was the most common aerosol propellant, but its use has been banned because it is believed to contribute to destruction of the ozone layerozone layer
or ozonosphere,
region of the stratosphere containing relatively high concentrations of ozone, located at altitudes of 12–30 mi (19–48 km) above the earth's surface.
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 of the stratospherestratosphere
, second lowest layer of the earth's atmosphere. The level from which it extends outward varies with latitude; it begins c.5 1-2 mi (9 km) above the poles, c.6 or 7 mi (c.10 or 11 km) in the middle latitudes, and c.10 mi (16 km) at the equator, and extends outward c.
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; common propellants now include propane, butane, and other hydrocarbons.
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Dan Dillard, CEO of the Burn Prevention Network, believes that the sunscreen might not have got absorbed fully into Sigworth's skin and the droplets from the aerosol spray might have still been in the air.
An RCT where two aerosol sprays were randomly allocated to each breast was evaluated on 200 participants.
TOP Scottish referee Stuart Dougal last night backed the idea of referees being armed with aerosol sprays to stop players cheating at free-kicks.
Modern-day, CFC-free aerosol sprays do however, emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to ground-level ozone, a key component of asthma-inducing smog.
The Perfect Fix Ultra Fine Finishing hairsprays, available in Extreme Hold and Long Hold options are low water formulas and are designed to offer a lightweight non-sticky aerosol spray.
However, AarhusKarlshamm is about to discontinue its 100% extra virgin olive oil aerosol spray as its sales fell and trends moved towards healthier alternatives.
They have been banned from being together in any part of Birmingham and from carrying aerosol spray cans or permanent pen markers, They have also been banned from entering the Great Park area of Northfield and have been ordered not to act in a manner that will cause alarm, harassment or distress to other residents of Birmingham.
Products include: Spray 'N Stik, an aerosol spray glue for permanent bonds; Stik-Arounds (seen here), double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive spots and lines; One Stik, a dispenser allowing precise gluing with various-sized nondrip applicators; Strong Silk, an instant-grab adhesive that replaces nails by holding projects yet allows repositioning for up to 15 minutes; and BlueStik, a removable adhesive putty that is reusable and sticks to just about any surface.
Available in bulk liquid as well as 16-oz aerosol cans, the product can be applied by dip, brush, aerosol spray or conventional spray equipment.
But they were disappointed when three out of eight shops sold aerosol spray paints to the same volunteer.
Three teenagers who were engulfed in a ``fireball'' inside a car where they had been inhaling aerosol spray to get high in Highland Park remained in the hospital Sunday, authorities said.