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The results indicate that the longer-lasting aerosols maybe contributing more than scientists had thought to both light absorption and atmospheric warming; this could have important ramifications for climate prediction, especially if wildfires across the globe increase in size and frequency.
Treatment of acute bronchospasm with beta.adrenergic agonist aerosols delivered by a nasal bilevel positive airway pressure circuit.
"Many consumers truly value and appreciate the convenience of aerosol products as they make it quick and easy to apply as little or as much of a product as you want.
Size distribution of aerosols is retrieved from the inversion algorithm [15] in the range 0.05-15 [micro]m.
The aerosol optical depth(AOD) values in haze event were 2.03, 2.56, 2.67, 3.4, and 4.29 in Ambala, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Amritsar, and Ludhiana respectively.
But what the researchers found was that when there is an abundance of aerosols in the air, as happens in places with lots of industrial or agricultural pollution, the same amount of water vapor gets absorbed by a larger number of aerosols.
The geometric model, ventilation parameters, and room pressurization of the ceiling-ventilated mock AIIR are numerically simulated along with the HCW's potential to inhale the patient's cough aerosols as follows and as indicated in Table 2.
The effect of insecticide aerosols on lung function, airway responsiveness and symptoms in asthmatic subjects.
The total effective radiative forcing due to aerosols (ERFari + ERFaci, excluding the effect of absorbing aerosol on snow and ice) is assessed to be -0.9 (-1.9 to -0.1) W [m.sup.-2] with medium confidence (Boucher et al., 2013).
Within corridors, concentrations of <5 [micro]m aerosols decreased gradually with respect to distance, remaining above background levels to distances exceeding 80 ft (25 m) in some cases.
This simulation result supports the hypothesis that the MGM aerosol type, which is the best candidate to interpret MODIS data in Figure 5, is the internal mixing of biomass burning inclusions into the CP-type aerosol (refer to Table 1) and seems to suggest that some of the carbonaceous aerosols are transported from the southeast toward Beijing.
If [I.sub.0] was the unattenuated radiation and I was the radiation that reaches the sun photometer after interaction with the air molecules and aerosols, then a straight line was obtained by plotting the logarithm of the voltage values against 1/(cos of solar zenith angle), which is called the Langley plot.

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