aesculus glabra

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(see also Horse Chestnut) Grows to 90 ft (30m). Nuts are high in tannins like acorns, meaning they need to be heated/roasted and leached in multiple changes of water (or left in running stream) for 5 days before consuming.
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Aesculus glabra displayed significant plasticity of leaf traits.
Aesculus glabra displays this form of plasticity, as indicated by the difference in LLS between upper- and lower-canopy branches of the same individual.
Aesculus glabra may respond to shading by the trunks and branches of still leafless neighbors.
The dense understory (dbh < 5 cm) is dominated by Acer saccharum, followed by Ulmus americana and Aesculus glabra (Table 2).
It would be expected that these two species would decline relative to those well represented in the lower size-classes, such as Carya cordiformis, Celtis occidentalis, and Aesculus glabra.