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, term used for dark-skinned people who live in equatorial rain forests and average less than 59 in. (150 cm) in height. Some studies make a distinction between Negrillos, who live in Africa, and Negritos, who live in Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and the
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(in Russian also Atta, Inagta, and so on; they have no general self-designation), a group of Negroid tribes, short in stature, which constitutes the indigenous population of the Philippine Islands. They inhabit the mountain regions and the eastern part of Luzon. Small groups of Aeta also live in the interior of the Negros and Panay islands and the northeastern part of Mindanao. Several other Negroid groups on the islands of Mindoro and Palawan are also sometimes called Aeta. The population is approximately 50,000 (1967 estimate), more than 30,000 of whom are on the island of Luzon. They speak numerous dialects of the Indonesian group of the Malayo-Polynesian language family. Their religious concepts amount to a form of primitive animism. In addition to a hunting and gathering economy, agriculture is developed among the Aeta.

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De Jesus said the project intends to develop the ancestral domain of the indigenous Aetas in the area by physically and economically developing its human capital to cultivate a sustainable community for them.
Tension during a tribal council election here of Aeta leaders gave way to excitement and cheers on Sunday when the Aetas switched attention instead to the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman.
Melo said it is Clark policy to give jobs to members of indigenous peoples, some of whom are Aetas living in nearby IP communities.
Reed (2007) describes dancing as a form of amusement among the Aetas which serves as an outlet for their naturally enthusiastic spirit.
Paul University, Iloilo, (SPUI) to support their community outreach programs to the Aetas, the aborigines of the Philippines, from the municipalities of Dingle and Janiuay, Iloilo under the direction of Sister Caroline Agravante, SPC, president of the University and Dean of the College of Nursing.
Common names that identify Aetas from non-Aetas in the Philippines include kulot (curly haired Aetas) as opposed to unat (straight-haired non-Aetas) and Aeta as opposed to Tagalog.
resettlement site, said since resettlement to the lowlands, intermarriages between the Aetas and non-Aetas have increased.
Hirstein's intense focus on his single subject brings out many interesting points not covered in D'Amico's book, among them crucial choices made in introducing divisions into the text, the selection of a title for the work, pointing out and resolving contradictions in the textual tradition, settling difficult problems posed by tribal names, sites, and migrations, and locating the break - defined as a media aetas - between ancient Germany and the modern country.
At the sprawling, 25-hectare Zoobic Safari, we got up close and personal with lions and tigers inside their cages, as well as thick-skinned, long-bodied carnivorous saltwater crocodiles from Palawan in their carefully designed natural habitat; traversed the Savannah Trail via an open, red and blue Zoobic Safari train; observed a rare collection of real stuffed animals and skeletons; and watched a group of Aetas perform the dragonfly dance and war dance at the Aeta Village.
Daquioag said Aetas and private landowners could file complaints if the lands were titled to individuals after 1997 or if their ownership was questioned for fraud.
The P5-million aid from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) will be used to build wooden houses for the Aetas affected by the strong earthquake that jolted Luzon, a PCSO board member disclosed.