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see AthelstanAthelstan
or Æthelstan
, d. 939, king of Wessex (924–39), son and successor of Edward the Elder. After coming to the throne, he vigorously built up his kingdom on the foundations established by his grandfather Alfred.
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This organization allows her look at AEthelstan as more than simply a record of his charters and battles.
Numismatic sources also make an appearance, particularly as Foot describes the imperial iconography AEthelstan employed.
Foot's detailed history seeks to redress this issue and place AEthelstan again in the position as the first King of the English and of England.
By about the year 1000, AElfric of Eynsham had produced a Latin grammar in English, using as examples the names of historical people like AEthelstan and Dunstan, and including illustrative sentences about everyday life in England.
Another horse worth keeping an eye on from the Head stable is Khalid Abdullah's Take Heed, who won the Prix Aethelstan by five lengths.
Hywel appears in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as an under-king to Wessex's AEthelstan, but the earliest evidence for the law itself dates from 300 years after the historic Hywel lived.
The later bishop of Winchester spent his early years in that same town in the court of King Aethelstan (924-39), who--sharing the enthusiasm of his grandfather, Alfred the Great (d.