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Afer (Africus)

southwest wind. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 11]
See: Wind
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Now experts in a study said that Costus afer and African snail slime are herbal anti-diabetic remedies that can be used for the purpose of treatment, control and management of varieties of diabetes.
At equal AFER and valve timing, the reduced engine speed only showed an earlier combustion phasing and reversal point.
A litter brother of last year's Kirby Memorial winner Cable Bay and Scottish Derby finalist Leave At Dawn, Boylesports Jet was a major fancy for that Limerick stake but was unfortunate to make his exit in the semi-final afer injury.
A 31-year-old biker died in a crash in Fife afer a collision on the A909 Burntisland to Cowdenbeath road.
Bolt was at the scene soon afer the crash and was grief-stricken.
The first photo of the reunited Cold Feet cast captures Adam, Pete, Jenny, Karen and David 13 years afer we last saw them.
WITH regard to Mrs Thompson's letter (South Wales Echo, July 22) the old idea that you can still light garden fires afer 8pm has long gone, when the clean air act was introduced in (I think) 1965.
In a joint press statement afer their meeting in Cairo, they cautioned that the world's failure to find a fair solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is one of main causes of regional instability.
Gender and French Identity Afer the Second World War, 1944-1954: Engendering Frenchness
after AWOMAN has died afer falling 50 feet from the roof of Birmingham's wholesale markets.
Strong wind conditions saw the Sea King helicopter badly buffetted and the attempt was abandoned afer half an hour.
The victims were among 49 troops who fled the eruption which engulfed their base in molten fire afer three earthquakes.