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1. similarity in structure, form, etc., between different animals, plants, or languages
2. Chem
a. the tendency for two substances to combine; chemical attraction
b. a measure of the tendency of a chemical reaction to take place expressed in terms of the free energy change.
3. Biology a measure of the degree of interaction between two molecules, such as an antigen and antibody or a hormone and its receptor
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Astrologers use the term affinity to refer to compatibility between certain planets or signs. It is also used to denote attraction between people whose charts interact harmoniously and magnetically with each other.

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The extent to which a substance or functional group can enter into a chemical reaction with a given agent. Also known as chemical affinity.
(computer science)
A specific relationship between data processing elements that requires one to be used with the other, where a choice might otherwise exist.
The strength of the attractive forces between an antigen and an antibody.
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Females in captivity showed more Affinitive interaction than in the wild with (P a$?
Emerging from an architectural formation linked to talk and/or the movies, whose spatiality indulges eroticized affinitive and non-affinitive publics, Plato's and Kael's discourses have democratic impulses that potentially exceed the andron and the cinema.
The females are more sociable than males, so agonistic behaviour between them is less frequent, and affinitive behaviour more so than males.
Community providers Affinitive Bazaarvoice Capable Networks Communispace Genuosity Internet Strategies Group Passenger WebCrossing Zuberance Industry communities AM PM Insure Insurance Forums LTC Insurance Mr.
In this case, "the self in Daoism is a fractal self, one that potentially can seamlessly interweave its being with affinitive systems, or attractors in the world, whose organization is now recognized to transcend classic dimensionality" (Jones and Culliney, 644).
Table XI Logistic regression - independent variables' p-values Positive Stated Improved customer TQM tools successful product research Quantitative Control chart 0.993 0.228 0.800 Scatter diagram 0.626 0.765 0.702 Pareto chart 0.879 0.961 0.821 Sampling 0.511 0.089 0.145 Run chart 0.020 0.072 0.202 Histogram 0.516 0.969 0.371 Qualitative Flow chart 0.004 0.010 0.200 Cause and effect 0.990 0.546 0.122 Multi-voting 0.494 0.779 0.620 Affinitive diagram 0.692 0.752 0.178 Brainstorming 0.843 0.840 0.971 Selection grid 0.985 0.985 0.985 Task list 0.360 0.554 0.044
Conversion, as DeWeese is the first to point out, is a most complex phenomenon, and since this study successfully highlights the processes by which affinitive elements of Islam and indigenous Inner Asian religious beliefs and practices converged in history, one feels a definite need for studies that approach the subject from the opposite direction of divergence and conflict.
Christianity and Judaism naturally come out very similar - affinitive as well as dependent upon each other's existential bases - while Islam is analyzed for its polemical stance against them.
Affinitive and submissive behaviors are the simplest examples, more efficient signalers of submission may achieve higher fitness because they can appease dominant individuals who reduce their own aggressiveness responding to the signals they receive.
8 Moynihan in The Craft and Art of Dylan Thomas discusses Thomas's establishment of this technique of "affinitive patterning" in Part I of "In Country Sleep" (147-48).
This rather psychological view was shared by others at the time and is clearly affinitive with that of Descartes.(59) On the second level of clarity, according to Kant, logic comes more seriously into play: "It is the business of logic to make clear concepts distinct."(60) This distinctness consists in becoming conscious of characteristics, which have to be conceived as partial concepts composing the original concept.