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Affirmations are positive statements that are repeated by an individual, usually at intervals throughout the day. They are focused on betterment of the mind or body. For example, they may aid memory, give self-confidence, or promote health. By repetition, the statement becomes established in the unconscious mind.

Affirmations can be single words or short phrases; usually the shorter and more succinct, the better. They can be made up or can be quotations. Affirmations may be slanted in any direction, depending upon where the need is greatest. For example, to aid memory you might regularly repeat the phrase, “I am easily able to remember everything I see, read, and hear.” More specifically—if there is a problem with remembering names, for example—an affirmation might be, “I can easily remember the names of everyone I meet” or “I have no problem remembering people’s names.” It is best, however, if you can avoid the negatives; avoid saying “no” or “not.” In other words, instead of saying you will have “no problem,” you say that you “will easily … (do whatever).” Always use the positive.

Some suggested affirmations for promoting your psychic abilities are:

  • “Psychic powers are natural powers that I possess strongly.”
  • “My psychic abilities flow naturally.”
  • “I am easily able make contact with the spirit world.”
  • “The more I practice, the more my mediumistic abilities progress.”

Place your affirmation(s) where you will constantly encounter it. Use stick-on note sheets to place the words on your bathroom mirror, on your computer screen, on the refrigerator door … all the places where you are bound to see it. Every time you see it, you will read it and repeat it. In this way the phrase—and the suggestion—reinforces the conscious mind and you not only start to believe what you say, but you find that it is actually manifesting.


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