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Establishment of a new forest by seeding or planting on nonforested land.
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the cultivation of forests in areas that previously did not have them, by sowing seeds or planting young seedlings or saplings. The selection of afforestation methods is determined by economic considerations and by soil and climatic conditions. Different methods of sowing, such as broadcasting and drill seeding, are used. Planting stock grown from seeds and obtained from cuttings is used in afforestation.

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China is to spend $34.9bn by 2020 to fund afforestation projects, with plans to increase the country's forest coverage by 4.1%.
Progress has come in the expansion of greenery, a key component in urban planning, and other policies, including the use of lands, establishment of nature reserves, conservation of biodiversity, combating desertification, protection of ecologically sensitive areas, management of air quality in urban centres and reducing the impact of climate change," the minister said in a statement recognising the 35th Afforestation Week.
Rachna Doab Afforestation Project commonly known as RDAP, was undertaken by Pak Army initially in Punjab.
The 21st Century Greater Beijing Afforestation Center was established to carry out sustainable greening activities and to help create a system and personnel base for those.
Fifty-percent afforestation would brake it by an even tinier 0.25 C.
The campaign aims to increasing the green spaces in the Governorate, adding aesthetic touches to enhance the public aesthetic view and reducing the factors of desertification and pollution, in addition to, involving the citizens, local and governmental agencies in the municipality's efforts in encouraging afforestation in Salalah and the wilayats of the Governorate, raise the awareness of the citizens and urge them to plant tress to enhance the public view.
"By 2013, when the price of carbon allowances increases to about $27 per ton of C[O.sub.2]eq, additional afforestation occurs on almost 27 million of acres.
They also provide the occasion to reassert the civilisational, agricultural and environmental dimensions of the afforestation programmes in Tunisia.
"The Republic of Poland shall refrain from beginning or shall suspend, immediately and until such time as the order ending these interim injunction proceedings has been issued, the works in implementation of the afforestation project, as a measure to compensate for the loss caused to the Puszcza Augustowska special protection zone, on the Pojezierze Sejnenskie site," states the order of 18 April.
Based on donated miles, JAL will contribute 10,000 yen per 10,000 miles to the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement-International, or OISCA, for the afforestation project.
The fund will invest in more than a dozen projects including reforestation projects in China and Madagascar as well as an afforestation project in Mexico.