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In Britain, the outpourings of the affronted appear to be concentrated in tabloid newspapers and radio phone-in shows, once a fairly harmless corner of the airwaves where Danny Baker could be kept out of trouble, but now a statesponsored cry for help where halfwits can convince themselves they are Alan Hansen.
Kennedy, who has worked at Sligo since 1993, was equally affronted.
However, a company named United Amalgamated Consolidated Holdings plans to erect an office building on that very spot, and when the dead find out about this scheme they are highly affronted. And the more Johnny finds out about these people and their history, including the local soldiers who marched off to WW I together and died together, the more affronted Johnny becomes, too.
By analogy, Watson concluded that the complainants in the Owens case, "have been discriminated against with respect to the advertisement placed in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix on June 30, 1997, and as a result, were exposed to hatred, ridicule and (sic) their dignity was affronted on the basis of their sexual orientation." For this offence, she ordered Owens and the newspaper each to pay $1,500 in damages to each of the three complainants in the case, and to refrain from ever again publishing an advertisement that consists of a pictograph and a list of Bible verses condemning the practice of homosexuality.