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black studies:

see ethnic studiesethnic studies,
in American education, programs offering courses in the history and culture of minority groups. Ethnic studies arose as a result of the black protest movement of the 1960s, which, among other things, deplored the lack of cultural relevance for African Americans
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Yet, at Eastern Michigan University, the mission of the Department of Africology and African American Studies is similar to the Black Diaspora cadre in an effort to provide robust and critical programs of study, research and service on the African world experience as the department also pursues its mission by cultivating successive cadres of students imbued with community consciousness and equipped with intellectual tools for shaping the world of the present and the future via community engagement and pertinent careers (; accessed 10-30-18 at 4:06AM).
1968 and the Beginning of African American Studies Programs and Departments
The above features are relevant in both African American Studies units under scrutiny in this article.
It may well find its home in academic departments interested in women's or cultural studies, anthropology, history, and of course, African American studies. Like its contributors, this work is representative of a nation of women writers and their legacy to American literature.
On the lowest end of the spectrum, African American Studies (BA) and Biology (BA) have each have average cosigns of .15--little relatedness to other program outcomes/objectives.
Ransby, a former anti-apartheid activist at Columbia and the University of Michigan, and currently associate professor of African American studies and history at the University of Illinois at Chicago, began this thorough research endeavor in 1989, when she chose Baker as the topic of her dissertation.
MacDonald combines this attentiveness to detailed micro-interpretation with an extraordinary range in the variety of critical resources at her command, from classical culture to contemporary African American studies, and she coordinates these resources with a firm but deft touch.
Austin has been a member of the faculty at Pennsylvania State University since 1972, is presently an Associate Professor of Sociology, Justice and African American Studies. From 1994 to 1998, Austin was the Director of the Crime, Law and Justice program in the Department of Sociology.
Access to Presidential Studies joins Access to Women's Studies, Access to African American Studies, and Guide to Microformsas the newest module of Lexis-Nexis History Universe.
PINN is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Coordinator of the African American Studies Program at Macalester College.
Witness the controversy raging recently over the attempt by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to create an undergraduate major in African American Studies. Creation of majors is typically a routine faculty and administrative issue and hardly provokes intervention from oversight bodies.

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