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blackwood, name for several trees, especially an acacia.
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Algernon (Henry). 1869--1951, British novelist and short- story writer; noted for his supernatural tales
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"From a working point of view African blackwood is very dense and hard, and can blunt chisels and dull blades and cutters.
African blackwood, a dense tropical wood prized for its glossy look and tonal qualities, was hard to bring to Canada.
All Highland bagpipes and many other traditional Scottish pipes are made from African blackwood, which comes from the rare and threatened mpingo tree found only in certain parts of Africa.
Mostly dark woods were used, such as ebony or African blackwood (p.
A massive demand for wood carvings has all but wiped out the African blackwood in countries such as Malawi, and put other hardwoods such as ebony, ironwood and mahogany under pressure.
``Scottish bagpipes are made from African blackwood. The Pakistani pipes are made from a soft wood.
Instrument maker Boosey & Hawkes, for example, offers a line of oboes and clarinets made from a heat-treated mix of African blackwood sawdust, carbon fiber and epoxy glue.
The true rosewoods of commercial value include Honsuras rosewood (Dctlbergia stevensonii): coco bolo (Dalbergia retusa and related species): African blackwood, Madagascar rosewood and Indian rosewood.

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