Mitochondrial Eve

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Mitochondrial Eve,

in genetics, a theoretical female ancestor of all living people; see EveEve,
in genetics, popular term for a theoretical female ancestor of all living people, also known as Mitochondrial Eve. In 1987 biochemist Allan C. Wilson proposed that all living human beings had inherited mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from a single woman.
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, in genetics.
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The actor Debbi Morgan plays Mozelle as carrying on the tradition not only of her story-specific ancestor African Eve, but also of the countless "conjure women" whose ancient healing and insight traditions made the lives of slaves healthier and more resilient.
In the 1980s, for example, such an analysis reinvigorated the controversial African Eve hypothesis, which traces human origins to a small group of people living some 200,000 years ago in Africa.
Add the basement level houses African Eve Cultural and Educational Programs Inc., a nonprofit organization that introduces African culture to the neighborhood.

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