African Union

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African Union

(AU), international organization established in 2002 by the nations of the former Organization of African UnityOrganization of African Unity
(OAU), former international organization, established 1963 at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by 37 independent African nations to promote unity and development; defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of members; eradicate all forms of colonialism;
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 (OAU). The AU is the successor organization to the OAU, with greater powers to promote African economic, social, and political integration, and a stronger commmitment to democratic principles. There are 55 member nations; Morocco, which had withdrawn from the OAU in 1984, did not join until 2017. The AU's headquarters are at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The AU's bodies include the Assembly of the AU, the Pan-African Parliament, the African Court of Justice and Human Rights, the AU Commission (its secretariat), the African Central Bank, African Monetary Fund, and other organs and agencies.

The Constitutive Act of the AU was adopted at Lomé, Togo, in 2000, the act was ratified in 2001, and in July the OAU held its last summit as the AU came into existence. The OAU continued to function, however, during a yearlong transition period, until the first official summit of the AU was held in July, 2002. The Pan-African Parliament, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, was inaugurated in 2004, initially as a purely advisory body. The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), established in 2001 by the OAU as a program to promote African development, was fully integrated into the AU in 2010 when its secretariat became the AU's NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency. The AU has authorized a number of peacekeeping and joint military forces to reduce instability and counter security threats in member nations.

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On the reduction of maternal, newborn and child mortality and morbidity in Africa The Assembly requested that the Ministers of Health of the African Union examine the progress made regarding the state of maternal, newborn and child health, map out concrete and innovative strategies at a larger scale in order to adequately address the health needs of African women and children and submit a report to the 21st Ordinary Session of the Assembly.
May I reiterate our conviction that only by working together, as a single and indivisible continent of Africa, under the able leadership of the African Union, can we do more to improve the quality of life of all Africans while discharging our responsibilities on the African continent and globally.
Uganda and Burundi together contribute about 6,000 troops to the African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia.
African Union heads of state meeting in Libya on Friday adopted a motion saying they would not cooperate with the ICC and its order to arrest Bashir or surrender him.
There is no doubt that the African Union has accounted for many achievements through a strong political leadership, as well as cooperation in political and security aspects.
But now that he cut the ties with most of the criticism hurled at his regime, Al-Gaddafi found the road open to him to become chairman of the African Union, even though he did not fulfill the dream of creating the United States of Africa.
The bulk of the forces on the ground are the 7,000 troops who made up the African Union force, augmented by 800 UN-affiliated personnel and 1,200 policemen.
We're calling for the United Nations to boost the African Union forces with a multinational intervention with a mandate to protect civilians," she says.
Legislation known as the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act has been introduced, which calls for a stronger African Union force, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) reinforcement, International Criminal Court involvement, and an arms embargo.
The contingent will undergo continuous training and be ready for deployment at the request of the African Union.
Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi stressed on Monday the need for the so-called Group of Four nations to ''cautiously watch'' what kind of decision the African Union will make on the United Nations reform issue, Senior Vice Foreign Minister Ichiro Aisawa said.
As you know, planning has begun for a new mission in Sudan, contingent on a north-south peace agreement, and the UN is actively supporting the planning for expansion of the African Union monitoring mission in Darfur.

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