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African Union

(AU), international organization established in 2002 by the nations of the former Organization of African UnityOrganization of African Unity
(OAU), former international organization, established 1963 at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by 37 independent African nations to promote unity and development; defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of members; eradicate all forms of colonialism;
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 (OAU). The AU is the successor organization to the OAU, with greater powers to promote African economic, social, and political integration, and a stronger commmitment to democratic principles. There are 55 member nations; Morocco, which had withdrawn from the OAU in 1984, did not join until 2017. The AU's headquarters are at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The AU's bodies include the Assembly of the AU, the Pan-African Parliament, the African Court of Justice and Human Rights, the AU Commission (its secretariat), the African Central Bank, African Monetary Fund, and other organs and agencies.

The Constitutive Act of the AU was adopted at Lomé, Togo, in 2000, the act was ratified in 2001, and in July the OAU held its last summit as the AU came into existence. The OAU continued to function, however, during a yearlong transition period, until the first official summit of the AU was held in July, 2002. The Pan-African Parliament, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, was inaugurated in 2004, initially as a purely advisory body. The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), established in 2001 by the OAU as a program to promote African development, was fully integrated into the AU in 2010 when its secretariat became the AU's NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency. The AU has authorized a number of peacekeeping and joint military forces to reduce instability and counter security threats in member nations. In 2018 most AU members signed the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement; it entered into force in 2019 after 22 nations ratified it, and trade under the agreement began in 2021.

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The passports are expected to replace existing nationally-issued African Union member state passports.
Describing the summit talks, he had attended alongside President Al-Bashir, he said they illustrated the power of consensus reached amongst the leaders, adding that the continent is moving in the "right direction." Leaders had stressed that in the event of African demands not being met, African Union member states would in turn take the decision to withdraw from the ICC in the view that African officials have been victimized by the ICC.
* African Union member states should improve their planning in culture, also at local level;
Summary: African Union member states agreed this week to form a single, continent-wide free trade area by 2017.
Sudanese officials have said that they were confident that Bashir would not be handed over to the ICC as the Rome Statute stipulates and African Union member states have repeatedly refused to comply with the arrest warrant against him.
He stressed that the Goldstone Report was "unanimously acclaimed" by member states of the Non-Aligned Movement as well as the African Union member states and those of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.
"This decision by the African Union member states shows a disdain for those in Darfur who suffered gross human rights violation and makes a mockery of the AU as an international body," said Amnesty Africa director Erwin van der Borght.
Best reported that Africa Re maintained a strong competitive position within the African reinsurance market during 2008 and continues to benefit from a privileged access to all African Union member states.
Cairo hosts regional conference on eliminating child marriage, FGM in Africa - Press photo CAIRO - 20 June 2019: Cairo released on Thursday a Call for Action to eliminate child marriage and Female Genital Mutilation practice in Africa, during a regional conference attended by representatives of African Union member states, UN agencies and civil associations on June 19-20.
The African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights is composed of 11 judges from African Union Member States elected in their personal capacity.
The declaration proposed that at least 15 percent of the national Budget in African Union member states goes into financing healthcare.Rwanda actually goes above the threshold a show of huge commitment to universal healthcare.
He recalled that during the January 2018 AU Summit, he pledged to 'organise African Youth Congresses against Corruption, in order to sensitise and engage our youth in the fight against corruption; mobilise African Union Member States to implement African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption; and advocate for the strengthening of the criminal justice system across Africa through exchange of information and sharing best practices in the enforcement of anti-corruption laws.'

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