African cherry

makore, African cherry, cherry mahogany

A moderately hard, heavy wood of West Africa, pinkish to red-brown in color; resembles mahogany and American cherry; used for cabinets, flooring, and plywood.
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Cameroonians collect African cherry bark for export to European pharmaceutical companies.
African cherry or maybe East Indian rosewood, crackling
Wilton carpet, African cherry wood and Connolly hide set the standard for Rover interiors which is maintained to this day.
For centuries, the bark of the African Cherry has been used by traditional healers to treat infections and fever, as well as urinary problems.
But a tree without bark cannot live and the African Cherry was in danger of dying out.
Its interior of African cherry wood on the dashboard, Wilton carpets and leather seats, made the car a solid choice for government ministers and business leaders, reflecting a very reliable but unflashy image.
africana trees, which are commonly known as the African cherry tree or the red stinkwood, in Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda and Zaire.
Makore is known by a series of African names but is also referred to as African cherry.
said the name African cherry also could be due to makore's reddish cast, which tends to be slightly darker than American or European cherry.
Makore (Tieghemella heckelii) from the African Gold Coast and Nigeria is often called African cherry or cherry mahogany.

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