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Horn of Africa,

peninsula, NE Africa, opposite the S Arabia Peninsula. Also known as the Somali Peninsula, it encompasses Somalia and E Ethiopia and is the easternmost extension of the continent, separating the Gulf of Aden from the Indian Ocean. The term Horn of Africa is also used for the surrounding African region, consisting of the countries of Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, and, in some cases, Sudan and other neighboring nations.
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Horn of Africa

a region of NE Africa, comprising Somalia and adjacent territories
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Oxfam said that more than eight million persons including 1,500 children are in need of international aid, to avoid any humanitarian disaster that could be worse than the starvation that hit the African Horn countries.
Yemeni economists warned that the Somali pirates that target international ships and commercial tankers in the African Horn and the Gulf of Aden will have a negative effect on the Yemeni economy, and demanded that security measures should be taken to maintain the national economic security.
During his meeting with President of the IFAD Kanayo Nwanze, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Farid Mujawar noted to the huge challenges facing Yemen, topped by offering food for millions of Yemenis and refugees flowed from the African Horn.
African Horn, calling on parties involved there to deliver such aid and spare
ADEN,Aug, 22 -- Yemeni economists warned that the Somali pirating acts that target international marine ships and commercial tankers in the international waters of the African Horn and Gulf of Aden will have a negative effect on the Yemeni economy, demanding that security measures should be taken to maintain "the national economic security."
During the meeting, Sisi and the Ethiopian prime minister are set to discuss the ways to promote the relations between the two states and the recent development in the African Horn. Ethiopian Prime Minister Desalegn arrived in Cairo on Wednesday accompanied by a high-profile delegation to attend the sixth meeting of the joint Egyptian-Ethiopian Higher Committee.
During his speech at the inauguration ceremony, Qatari Assistant Foreign Minister for International Cooperation Affairs Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Jabor Al Thani indicated that 2011 witnessed acute humanitarian crises as a result of the drought at the African Horn in addition to armed conflicts and internal disruptions.
The conditions of 500,000 refugees from African Horn countries, who entered the country illegally and expected to be registered at concern organizations, were also touched upon at the GCC meeting.
disaster that has been hitting the African Horn for the past couple of years.
Bilateral relations between Egypt and Eritrea are found in different fields and are based on the historic relations between the two countries, along with the recent regional developments in the Nile Basin countries and African horn region.
in the African Horn region, the WFP said in a statement released here on
After the routine signing ceremonies, Othman praised Yemen's efforts to host the refugees coming from Somalia and African Horn, in spite of the economic burden and political crisis Yemen is suffering from.

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