African mahogany

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Closely resembles but is not a true mahogany; lighter, usually softer, and more strongly figured than mahogany; esp. used for paneling and veneer.
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The species studied here had different potentials for survival, which were as follows: Teak, high potential: African mahogany, moderate potential; Australian red cedar (clonal and seminal) and guanandi, low potential.
5-year-old African Mahogany plant and the soil was covered with a plastic canvas to eliminate water losses through evaporation and entry of rainwater.
Due to the recent introduction of African mahogany cultivation in Brazil, when compared to other countries, such as Costa Rica, there is a lack of conclusive studies evaluating the economic viability of forests planted with this plant species, as well as their social and economic benefits and e environmental impacts.
8 ha of indigenous tree species including African mahogany had been planted in the degraded forest reserves through Modified Taungya System.
The lobby features African mahogany paneled walls surrounding a fireplace encased in African multi-color slate.
The galley area is fully equipped and finished in African mahogany with a granite countertop, gold sink and marble floor.
The Grace Building's lobby, which looks south to Bryant Park, will soon feature African mahogany wood panels and a new concierge/reception desk.
The dove is mounted on a bed of African mahogany, symbolising the conflict the continent has suffered.
Jannopoulo constructed the striking red two-story Chinese pavilions, open to the light and air, out of hurricane-proof concrete clad in furniture-quality African mahogany.
Gilmer said zebrawood is often considered one of the "big six" of the imported woods, a list which also includes padauk, African mahogany and sapele.

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