African mahogany

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Closely resembles but is not a true mahogany; lighter, usually softer, and more strongly figured than mahogany; esp. used for paneling and veneer.
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While it will take several months for all of these cars to be reworked, they will feature the satin bronze and African mahogany used in the lobby.
The body fiberglass and the deck and cabin are crafted of hand-chosen South African mahogany wood, with exotic wood for interior and trim.
Avodire was frequently imported along with African mahogany and the two were sometimes combined most often in bedroom furniture," said Dumas.
Cumaru, African Mahogany, and Brazilian Cherry Wood Stairs Distinguish Homes and Match Popular Hardwood Flooring.
Other species available include: American black walnut, Peruvian walnut and African mahogany.
is constructed of solid African mahogany and African mahogany veneer.
African mahogany, Benin, Degema, Lagos, Nigerian mahogany, kraal mangona, munyama, mbaua, mbawa, Acajou d'Afrique, Dubini, Dukuma, fufu and mkangazi
We also see African mahogany and other subspecies like sipo and makore becoming increasingly popular.
One popular, affordable choice is African mahogany.
Sometimes it is mistaken for African mahogany and used as such; however, it is harder and heavier, weighing from 35 to 40 pounds per cubic foot, and the stripe is much more pronounced.
It originally came into the United States with African mahogany logs, shipped from the west coast of Africa.
A: If you do go to one or two woods, and I think it would be wise to do so, then you should check out African mahogany for veneers and soft maple for solids.

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