African mahogany

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Closely resembles but is not a true mahogany; lighter, usually softer, and more strongly figured than mahogany; esp. used for paneling and veneer.
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At the depth of 0-0.10 m, the contents, and stocks of nitrogen were higher in the native forest, followed by integration systems with cumaru and African mahogany.
TABLE 1: Average mean rainfall (mm), average, maximum and minimum annual temperature ([degrees]C) and predominant soil classes, to the origin countries of African mahogany (Kaya ivorensis A.
African mahogany and teak seedlings with DBH of 0.82cm and 0.66cm, respectively, in the 12th month showed poor performance as compared to the seedlings in the research performed by GUIMARAES NETO et al.
Due to the recent introduction of African mahogany cultivation in Brazil, when compared to other countries, such as Costa Rica, there is a lack of conclusive studies evaluating the economic viability of forests planted with this plant species, as well as their social and economic benefits and e environmental impacts.
Seven years after inception of NFPDP, 12314.8 ha of indigenous tree species including African mahogany had been planted in the degraded forest reserves through Modified Taungya System.
Exterior details created from the sourced raw lumber Sapele (African Mahogany) contribute to the character of the finished design.
Many of these woods--including Big Leaf Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Caribbean Pine, Ipe, Rosewood, Teak, Ramin, Merbau, African Mahogany, and Okoume--are difficult to manage sustainably as they typically grow in low densities in natural forests and regenerate poorly after logging.
Across the road in Penuel Chapel you might be personally threatened with the imminence of hell and damnation in a sculptured world of highly polished African mahogany as you sat among a sea of pews below a raised and carved bardic pulpit like a lift-off platform to the other side, but when you went to pee, you were in a green Atlantis down below.
The six-story Worcester Trial Court, the state's newest and largest free-standing court complex, features 26 courtrooms, 14 elevators, a marble staircase rising from a massive first-floor atrium, marble benches and countertops, African mahogany woodwork, and state-of-the-art security, recording and climate-control technology.
He also is experimenting with oil palms said to produce roughly 10 gallons of biodiesel a year at six years and growing pheasant wood, African mahogany, Queensland maple, and other tropical hardwoods.

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