African rosewood

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bubinga, African rosewood

A west African wood, light red to violet in color, often with purple stripes, frequently figured; hard, high density; used as interior finish and for decorative paneling.
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A polished, African rosewood grip has Jim Shockey's initials and a checker pattern engraved on the heel.
While Engle has heard the name African rosewood used for bubinga, he thinks bubinga bears little resemblance to rosewood.
The distinctive African rosewood flooring installed in front of the deli and bakery sections cost $25,000 for materials and labor.
Etimoe, the West African hardwood that offers strength and hardness, is sometimes known as the African rosewood because of its similarity to the beautiful rosewoods.
A This is bubinga, a West African "rosewood," referred to as African rosewood. It is not what I would call genuine rosewood.

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