African Swine Fever

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African swine fever

[′af·ri·kən ′swīn ‚fēv·ər]
(veterinary medicine)

African Swine Fever


(Latin, Pestis Africana suum), an acute viral infection involving the reticulo-endothelial system. This disease was first observed among the swine in South Africa by Hutchen in 1903. African swine fever occurs in Africa, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Under natural conditions, domesticated and wild swine of all ages are subject to African swine fever. Natural infection occurs through contact between healthy swine and the sick swine and virus carriers. The infection is spread through feed, pasture grounds, and means of transport contaminated by the sick swine.

The use of unsanitized wastes from cafeterias, restaurants, and slaughterhouses in the swines’ feed also contributes to the spread of infection. Insects, birds and beasts of prey, and dogs may be carriers of the virus. The incubation period is two to five days. The disease proceeds either instantaneously or acutely and chronically. In the first case, the animals die suddenly, without showing symptoms; in the second case, their temperature increases to 42.5°C, coughing and shortness of breath develops, appetite declines, nausea and paralysis occur, blood appears in wastes, the skin on ears and snout turns blue, and the animal becomes extremely weak.

No cure has been devised. On account of the highly dangerous nature of the disease and its ability to spread very rapidly, preventive measures have been centered on strict isolation of those animals suspected of the disease. When African swine fever appears, all swine on a farm are killed. The bodies are destroyed, and the pigsties and other equipment are disinfected. The introduction of new swine on the farm is permitted only one year after the disease has been liquidated.


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The seriousness of the situation was highlighted over the weekend, when another case of African swine fever was reported on a pig farm in the Tula region of Russia, the meat from which has already been supplied to five regions in Russia and may now be in the shops of several Russian cities.
They organized the African Swine Fever Eradication and Swine Industry Development Program (PEPPADEP), a $23 million program to kill all the pigs in Haiti and repopulate the country with pigs from the United States.
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Diseases of major concern include: Avian Influenza; Foot and Mouth Disease; new strains of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV); and African Swine Fever.
The aim of the visit was the familiarization with the Russian system of anti-epidemic protection of farm animals, in particular with the measures taken to control and prevent FMD and African swine fever.
They vary from rules on animal identification to control African swine fever, to rules on the movement of horses.
African swine fever (ASF) is a devastating disease of domestic and wild suids, and there is no vaccine to protect against the disease.
Russia imposed the ban on live pig and pork products in response to what it said was the detection of the African Swine Fever virus in EU member states Lithuania and Poland.
TEHRAN (FNA)- First case of African Swine Fever, a contagious epizootic disease that causes high mortality in the populations of domestic pigs, has been identified in Poland, the Polish Agriculture Ministry said.
After its introduction into the Republic of Georgia and the Caucasus region in 2007 and spread into Russia, the virus that causes African swine fever (ASF) was spotted for the first time last year in Ukraine, putting European and Asian countries on high alert.
Kiev, Ramadan 13, 1433, Aug 1, 2012, SPA -- African swine fever (ASF), a viral disease harmless to people but lethal to pigs, has been found in Ukraine, the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service said on Wednesday.

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