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ancient Mesopotamian city: see AkkadAkkad
, ancient region of Mesopotamia, occupying the northern part of later Babylonia. The southern part was Sumer. In both regions city-states had begun to appear in the 4th millennium B.C. In Akkad a Semitic language, Akkadian, was spoken.
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They were followed by Agade (Accad of Gen 10:10), capital of Sargon, the first known Semitic monarch, and of Babylon, seat of Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar.
Duplication groups comprising single zones 7 Ofichi (C), Shelako (C) 8 Shimo (C), Chamero (D) 9 Gayo (D), Wango (D) 10 Geno (D), Utino (D) 11 Kekero (D), Utro (D) 12 Agade (H), Mariye (H) 13 Beneja (H), Kombotra (H) 14 Manduluka (H), Orada (H) 15 Oniya (H), Torora (H), Wordes (H) 16 Woshamaja (H), Zobra (H) 17 Gamechela (S), Warukore (S) C.
2334-2279 B.C.) took over the rule of Agade, one of the Akkadian cities.
There, Leo Adam Agade, a hitherto unknown breed of politician in the region, campaigns on a platform of honesty, but runs into the menacing opposition of his adversary.
Collins Agade's own goal in the dying minutes of the match gifted Homeboyz the three points.
Ten thousand years before, farming had begun on the lands between the two rivers, and there in the heartlands of old Sumer, the first cities, Ur and Ctesiphon, Babylon and Agade, had risen and decayed, littering the region with their remains and bequeathing it an intricate web of irrigation canals.
However, the home team managed to test Ulinzi goalkeeper James Saruni twice but he made brilliant saves from Collins Agade's header and William Wadri powerful ground shot.In the second half, Bandari made two changes which paid dividends, Benjamin Mosha replacing Mwinyi Hamisi and Shaaban Kenga coming off for Wycliffe Ochomo.
An appendix of yesterday's application shows that chief magistrate Eda Agade in February 2016 ruled that: 'The matter is touching on court records which were taken away without authority of the court.'
Collins Agade scored in his own net to give Homeboyz victory.Bandari were fast off the blocks and took a deserved lead on five minutes when Abdalla Hassan sent a cross to the centre for Kenga to fire past Homeboyz goalkeeper David Juma.