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ancient Mesopotamian city: see AkkadAkkad
, ancient region of Mesopotamia, occupying the northern part of later Babylonia. The southern part was Sumer. In both regions city-states had begun to appear in the 4th millennium B.C. In Akkad a Semitic language, Akkadian, was spoken.
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Si l'on regarde les articles << Acanes >>, << Zanfara >>, << Agades >> ou d'autres, on voit que les editions de 1758, 1782, 1799 et 1809 reproduisent le meme texte que celle de 1747.
summon the emirs, kings of the desert horses caparisoned, beaten gold bent, Archers and criers, porcupine arrows, bows bent; recount now the gains and the losses; Agades, Sokoto, El Hassan dead in his tent, the silks and the brasses, the slow weary text ("Masks", 102).