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(äg'ädĕz`) or


(ägädĕs`), town (1988 pop. 50,164), W central Niger, in the Aïr Massif. Agadez is a trade center visited by TuaregTuareg
or Touareg
, Berbers of the Sahara, numbering c.2 million. They have preserved their ancient alphabet, which is related to that used by ancient Libyans.
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 pastoral nomads. Leather and silver handicrafts are made. Tin, tungsten, uranium, and salt are mined nearby. Founded by the 11th cent., Agadez developed because of its location on trans-Saharan caravan routes linking Egypt and Libya with the Lake Chad area. Agadez was held by the MaliMali
, officially Republic of Mali, independent republic (2005 est. pop. 12,292,000), 478,764 sq mi (1,240,000 sq km), the largest country in W Africa. Mali is bordered on the north by Algeria, on the east and southeast by Niger, on the south by Burkina Faso and Côte
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 empire during part of the 14th cent., captured by the SonghaiSonghai
or Songhay
, largest of the former empires in the western Sudan region of N Africa. The state was founded (c.700) by Berbers on the Middle Niger, in what is now central Mali. The rulers accepted Islam c.1000.
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 empire in 1515, and controlled by BornuBornu
, former Muslim state, mostly in NE Nigeria, extending S and W of Lake Chad. It began its existence as a separate state in the late 14th cent. From the 14th to the 18th cent. Bornu exported slaves, eunuchs, fabrics dyed with saffron, and other goods to N Africa.
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 in the 17th cent. It remained a trade center until the late 19th cent. During much of this time it was a center of Islamic learning. The French occupied the town in the early 20th cent. Agadez has a 16th-century mosque and a school of mines.



city in the Republic of Niger in the Air oasis on the Algiers-Zinder highway. Center of Agadez District. Population in 1962 was 6,900. Airfield.

Agadez is a center of commerce and distribution. There is a ceramic factory. It has a sultan’s palace and mosque of the 16th century. North of Agadez there is mining of tin, tungsten, and rock salt; there are commercial deposits of uranium ore.

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When I reached Agadez, I found a lot of West African citizens all finding their way to Italy.
Niger has opened a field office in Agadez, with a permanent presence activated from May 2015.
OIC Assistant Secretary General for Economic Affairs Ambassador Hamid Obelero said that the ministers will announce at their meeting the two cities, the winners of the Islamic Tourism Capital Award for the years 2019 and 2020 in line with the mechanism and adopted selection criteria, and select the two cities from four candidate cities: Dhaka Bangladesh, Qabala Azerbaijan, Parakou Benin, and Agadez Niger.
The four bidding cities are Dacca (Bangladesh), Gabala (Azerbaijan), Parakou (Benin) and Agadez (Niger).
The latest installment in the third edition of the Encyclopedia contains entries on such matters as the Agadez region in what is now Niger, Turkish politician and short-story writer Memduh <,S>evket Esendal (1884-1952), the radical Shi'i sect Ghulat, Ottoman historiography, Sunni-Bu'tazili theologian and writer Ibn Abi I-Hadid (d.
During my research in Agadez (Niger), I observed the interaction between mothers and children, when young mothers play the violin with their baby on their chest and shoulder.
We moved from Nigeria and stopped over at Agadez in Niger Republic, where we met citizens from other Africans countries also traveling to Libya.
On May 23 that year, two simultaneous militant incursions took place at a military base and French-operated uranium mine in the respective Nigerien towns of Agadez and Arlit.
Health worker and hospitalization beds were lowest in two hospitals: Agadez and Diffa (8% of beds, 4% of total beds and rooms).
In Niger, Washington has deployed around 800 soldiers, runs a drone base in the capital Niamey, and is building a second in Agadez at a cost of around $100 million.
Plans are also underway to accommodate more forces, including $50 million that the Air Force requested to construct an air strip in the northern city of Agadez, considered one of the most volatile areas of the country.
Our youth are being prevented from revenue-generating activities in our region, simply because Europe does not want migrants," said Mohamed Anako, the president of the regional council in Agadez, a city in central Niger, on local radio.