an urban-type settlement in Shet Raion, Karaganda Oblast, Kazakh SSR. Railroad station 200 km south of Karaganda. Population, 13,000 (1968). Business centers around rail and automotive transportation.

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118-132,133-135,246-252,256-268,280-365 from 2 sides of 500 kV L-5170 Ekibastuz - Agadyr (26.
The second and third phases were to complete the remaining 530 miles of the transmission line, continue the upgrading of the Ekibasutzkaya and Agadyr sub-stations, and provide for the purchase of new distribution equipment.
Since the signing of the Letter of Intent with KazMinCo for the Agadyr License in February 1997, Aranlee has established a well staffed exploration office in Almaty, the capital of Kazakstan and a field office in Agadyr (see attached map).
In addition to the Agadyr License, Aranlee has a pending application for the Balkhash Exploration License, located approximately 30 km south of the Agadyr License (see attached map).
Regular maintenance is conducted in Astana and Agadyr depots.
km Agadyr Exploration License and the pending application for the 2,000 sq.
An aggressive exploration program has now commenced on the 10 properties comprising the Agadyr License (see attached map).
Project location: Batystau deposit is located 80 kilometers from Agadyr railway station, 300m from rare metal Batystau deposit
In Kazakstan, geological mapping and sampling have now begun in order to confirm and evaluate the high-priority targets identified from the mineral database compiled from work by previous State exploration expeditions carried-out within the 9,700 square km Agadyr License area over the past 50 years.
Aranlee") is pleased to announce that following the signing of a Letter of Intent with Kazakstan Minerals Corporation ("KazMinCo") on January 31, 1997 (see news release dated February 5, 1997) a detailed review of the existing exploration database is underway on the large land position in the highly prospective Agadyr Mining District in central Kazakstan.
Aranlee") to acquire 100% of KazMinCo's interest in the Kazakhstan Closed Joint Stock Company Agadyr ("Agadyr").
The Agadyr Licence (fig 1) covers 11,700km2 northwest of the large copper mining and smelting complex at Balkhash.