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A soft, waxy, gray, green, yellow, or brown mineral or stone, such as pinite and steatite; used by the Chinese for carving images. Also known as figure stone; lardite; pagodite.



(also pagodite), a dense, fine-grained rock composed of the mineral pyrophyllite, usually with impurities of talc, mica, and kaolin minerals. The stone may be white, gray, brownish-yellow, reddish-brown, or green and sometimes has a colored pattern or spots. Hardness according to the mineralogical scale is 2.5–3, and density is 2,800–2,900 kg per cu m. The mineral is found among metamorphic schists and hydrothermally altered volcanic rock. Agalmatolite is used as a trim stone, as well as in the refractory industry, instrument-making, and electrical engineering.