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Guam: see HagåtñaHagåtña
or Agaña
, city (2010 pop. 1,051), capital of the island of Guam, W Pacific, in the Mariana Islands. It is the administrative center of Guam, and many of the city's economic activities are related to the provision of goods and services to
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The squadron moved to Andersen Air Force Base in 1996 after NAS Agana was closed, and that spring deployed its first night-vision-capable search-and-rescue detachment to LHA 3.
The proportion of trees harboring immature CRBs was 50% (6 out of 12) at the old Fujita Hotel site and 29% (4 out of 14) at the Agana Springs site.
nombrado juez eclesiastico, comisario del Santo Oficio, juez eclesiastico y vicario provincial de los partidos de Agana, Pago, Agat y Rota, abrio un auto informativo contra el padre jesuita Franz Reittemberger, fallecido en octubre de 1767, a quien se acuso de haber abusado de varias mujeres que entraron a formar parte de la Congregacion de la virgen de Lumen (o de la Luz), fundada en 1758.
I hope all of you understand my position on abortion better now and why I put national leaders that believe in and support abortion into a special group of leaders who have either committed or supported genocide," Politico quoted Agana, as sayingBecause of this and the position Mr.
Sheffield then managed to find some composure, and while never in command, caused trouble, with Brian Deane and Agana as ebullient as you would expect from a Dave Bassett side.
Possible uses include improvements to Guam's power and water systems, and the Northern District and Agana wastewater treatment plants.
It was a hotbed of talent, with players such as Andy Townsend, Shaun Teale, Graham Roberts, Peter Guthrie, Tony Agana, Steve Claridge and Neil Webb donning the colours at various stages, so the local lads just stood in awe on the terraces and could only dream about actually representing the club.
Prosecutors said at Thursday's arraignment that 46-year-old Kofi Agana of Fitchburg sexually assaulted the 62-year-old woman who had recently suffered a stroke at Sudbury Pines Extended Care last week.
A Bioscop release of an Open Field PicLures production, in co-production with Czech TV Nova, RWE, Barrandov Studios, Soundsquare Studio, Agana, UPP, suppoised by the Czech State Fund for the support and development of Czech cinematography.
Acusado de intentar un golpe de Estado en 1996 y de ordenar la muerte del vicepresidente Luis Maria Agana, fue absuelto por la Justicia y en las encuestas se aproxima a Lugo.
Some of his very early years in Agana, Guam, were spent in a Japanese concentration camp where he was interned, with his family, during World War II.
The store, which is located within the Agana Shopping Center, also functions as a customer payment centre for the landline and Internet services offered by GTA.