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Guam: see HagåtñaHagåtña
or Agaña
, city (2010 pop. 1,051), capital of the island of Guam, W Pacific, in the Mariana Islands. It is the administrative center of Guam, and many of the city's economic activities are related to the provision of goods and services to
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Veteran model Izza Gonzales Agana opened the show with a yellow dress in gazar, the first of only two-a forgiving silhouette with a high neckline.
There are approximately $115 million in lawsuits from more than 180 abuse claims pending against the Agana archdiocese, Catholic News Agency reports.
Aside from increasing the volume of blood, Agana said, the extra sodium also increases the amount of water in and around body tissues, resulting in swelling or a fluid overload which can cause congestive heart failure.
The squadron moved to Andersen Air Force Base in 1996 after NAS Agana was closed, and that spring deployed its first night-vision-capable search-and-rescue detachment to LHA 3.
The proportion of trees harboring immature CRBs was 50% (6 out of 12) at the old Fujita Hotel site and 29% (4 out of 14) at the Agana Springs site.
We were 3-0 up after 20 minutes but ended up drawing 3-3 - this was the United team with Brian Deane and Tony Agana.
Marisha Agana, who considers abortion to be genocide, is a Republican and is running against Democrat Tim Ryan in Ohio's 13th Congressional District.
Marisha Agana's statement that the ACA reminded her of a military dictatorship in her native Philippines was left unquestioned despite its outrageous and inflammatory nature.
Olusen Agana, also Nigeria's Minister of Trade and Investment, said in a
Red Ribbon Week concluded with "Say Boo to Drugs," an outreach at Agana Shopping Center in Hagatna, that combined the fun of Halloween with the important message of living drug-free.
They had had the better of this struggle, but failed to stamp their authority when mid-way through the second half skipper Trevor Peake challenged United striker Tony Agana in the area and he went down like a ton of bricks.