Karl Adolf Agardh. Born Jan. 23, 1785; died Jan. 28, 1859. Swedish botanist and algologist. Karl Adolf Agardh was a professor at Lund University from 1812 to 1834. He was the founder of a system of classification of algae. His chief works are Species of Algae (vols. 1–2, 1820–28) and Classification of Algae (1824).

Jakob Georg Agardh

Born Dec. 8, 1813; died Jan. 17, 1901. The son of K. A. Agardh. He was the successor to his father’s university chair from 1834 to 1879, and he continued his father’s work on the classification of algae, particularly sea algae. His chief work is Species, Genera, and Orders of Algae (vols. 1–3, 1848–76).


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Gunn certainly corresponded with other European botanists in this late period; a letter from JG Agardh to Mueller in 1872 (Home et al.