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, drug obtained from the aloe; also a biblical name for an aromatic substance of various uses, mentioned in connection with myrrh and spices and thought to be the fragrant wood of the modern aloeswood (also called eaglewood, agalloch, or agilawood), an Aquilaria
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The Vietnamese, who were caught in joint operations by the Police Regional Office in Caraga (PRO-13) and the region's Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-13), were in possession of over P1 million worth of Agarwood and around P5.8 million in cash.
Among those found during the search were almost two kilograms of 'Agarwood' and P 1,874,650 in cash," the region's top police cop said.
[ClickPress, Tue Jul 09 2019] This global Agarwood Essential Oil Marke t report provides data for the estimated year (2018) and forecast year (2026) in terms of both, volume (MT) and value (US$ Mn).
An array of agarwood variants is also added to an already wide variety to bring something new for the customer.
The Garden features trees including Vachellia oerfota, banana, eucalyptus, Christ's thorn, Citrus medica, agarwood, figs, Lawsonia inermis, costus, Nitraria (Gharqad), olives, palms, tamarisk and Acacia tortilis.
Standing 1.97 metres tall and taking over three years and 494 perfume trials to formulate, Shumukh is comprised of the finest natural ingredients sourced from the furthest corners of the globe, culminating in a scent that is as unforgettable as it is mesmerising with notes of amber, sandalwood, musk, rare pure Indian agarwood, pure Turkish rose, patchouli ylang-ylang and frankincense.
Write me as prose on the agarwood; My remains have you as a response.
A 35-year-old man, who often harvested agarwood in the forests of central Vietnam, had a fever and headache during a harvesting trip.
Known in English as agarwood, aloewood, eaglewood or kign-aloes, gaharu is mostly used in the production of incense, perfumes, and jewellery.
Others include Muttrah Heritage Hotel, an Anantara hotel in Jebel Sifah, Salalah Agarwood Resort in Salalah, Quriyat Integrated Tourism Complex and Studio M by Millennium in Al Hail.
Lootah Perfumes, the creators of fine Oriental and French heritage- inspired contemporary perfumes, incenses, fragrant oud, fragrant oil, and agarwood, has launched four exquisite new fragrances for man and woman.
The media got to sample their various perfumes, ouds, essential oils and even their signature agarwood. "The response we have received from the Oman market is phenomenal," said Lootah Perfume spokesperson.