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a group of people, remnants of the ancient population of Ethiopia: Bilen (Bogos), Xamir, Xamta, Qwara, Kemant, Kayla, and Awiya. The Agau live in the provinces of Gojam and Wollo, near Lake Tana, in the vicinity of Gondar and to the north of Asmara in Eritrea. The overall Agau population is about 60,000 (1967 estimate). They speak Cushitic languages. Some of the Agau have been assimilated into the Amharic-speaking majority, and others have adopted the Tigrai and Tigre languages. Among the Agau are Muslims, Christian Monophysites, and Judaists (the Falasha). The main occupation of the Agau is farming in conjunction with livestock breeding.


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Anteriormente denominada de hepatite por soro homologo, hepatite postransfusional, hepatite MS-2, hepatite serica ou hepatite associada ao antigeno Australia (AgAU)--assim denominada em virtude da deteccao do antigeno ter ocorrido primeiramente em soro de um aborigene australiano--e atualmente proposta pela Organizacao Mundial da Saude--OMS como hepatite B, e um tipo de hepatite causada pelo virus da hepatite B--VHB (FONSECA, 2010).
"We consider it the best option because counties and payams have often claimed to know where to access qualified teachers to teach in various schools at different levels," said Wilson Agau from directorate of general education in the state government.
Abdoun Agau, told the press that final rehearsals were scheduled for July 5 before the actual celebration of independence on July 9.
The Secretary General of the government, Abdoun Agau Jok Nhial, on Wednesday met with all the under-secretaries and briefed them on their responsibilities pending the formation of the next cabinet.
Abdon Agau, the secretary general of the government told a news briefing on Wednesday that five presidents - Uganda's Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Kenya's Uhuru Kenyatta, Rwanda's Paul Kigame, Somalia's Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Botswana's Ian Khama - would attend the celebrations in Juba.
The ambushers also captured a payam [district] administrator, Abraham Makoi Chawul Pen Agau, who was with the convoy but later released him after he explained his position to his captors.
The deceased have been named as Ayak Malony Riak, 35, Achol Ayak (8), Agau Ayak (5), Riak Ayak (1) and Ayak's niece Adhieu Mathung (13).
President Kiir had directed the under-secretaries to take charge in their respective ministries under the secretary general of the government, Abdoun Agau, who will run the government until the next cabinet is formed.
The Secretary General of the government, Abdoun Agau, had issued a statement on Wednesday citing some mistakes or omissions made in the president's decree number 14/2013 which restructured the ministries.
The Secretary General of the government, Abdoun Agau, also issued a statement on Wednesday citing some mistakes or omissions made in the president's decree number 14/2013 which restructured the ministries.
Abdon Agau, the government secretary general told the media that president Kiir can fire the cabinet with giving any reasons; arguing that it's his 'constitution right' not to give explanations!
"We have sent out all the invitations to all the expected guests in advance and we did not receive any notification indicating other commitments of the people who were invited," Abdon Agau, the government's secretary-general, told reporters at the conclusion of the function, adding that the event had nonetheless gone well.