a group of people, remnants of the ancient population of Ethiopia: Bilen (Bogos), Xamir, Xamta, Qwara, Kemant, Kayla, and Awiya. The Agau live in the provinces of Gojam and Wollo, near Lake Tana, in the vicinity of Gondar and to the north of Asmara in Eritrea. The overall Agau population is about 60,000 (1967 estimate). They speak Cushitic languages. Some of the Agau have been assimilated into the Amharic-speaking majority, and others have adopted the Tigrai and Tigre languages. Among the Agau are Muslims, Christian Monophysites, and Judaists (the Falasha). The main occupation of the Agau is farming in conjunction with livestock breeding.


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Also relieved were commissioners Mel Aleu Goc (Marial-Bai), succeeded by Santino Manut Akec, Marko Dut Upieu (Udic county), replaced with James Akauar Agau, Kangi county's Zackaria Aleu Awet, who was replaced with Santino Aleu Ajang, while Kapali county's Michael Ricardo was replaced with George Peter Musa.
in 1520, the date of the arrival of the Spaniards," and the principal authority is Sahagun (Murdock and White 1969, 366); the Kung ("bushmen") are pinpointed to "the Agau Rung of the Nyae Nyae region .
President Bashir s reciprocal visit underscores a strong political will by the two leaders to work closely to create a conducive climate for the two countries to proper economically and to live side by side in sustainable peace and stability the joint communique read by the Secretary General of the Government of South Sudan Hon Abdun Agau read in part.
The Beja of the northernmost region, the Agau of the central plateaus, and the Sidamo of the southern foothills and savanna regions are the remnants of the earliest known groups to have occupied Ethiopia, but migration flows have seen many other peoples enter Ethiopia's ethnic mix, such as Yemenis, Greeks, Indians and Turks.
MUSHROOMS LUNDAYEH FAMILY SCIENTIFIC NAME NAME Agau -- Unknown species Alit -- Unknown species Alub Amanitaceae Amanita sp.
To mark the occasion a Gwynedd goldsmith, Philip BryceGranger, of the Agau Jewellery Studio at the Corris Craft Centre, was commissioned to produce more than 200 gold, silver, bronze and pewter medals for the world's greatest sheepdogs.
Organisers appointed the Agau Jewellery Studio, at the Corris Craft Centre, near Machynlleth, to produce the gold, silver, bronze and pewter awards.
To the extreme south of the area under consideration, MMDC's Agau claim includes the old Poder de Dios mine of narrow epithermal bonanza type veins with argentite and gold.
According to I:no:li, John (Tsani), the chronicler of the Book of Revelations, proved more resilient than his counterparts: goi:hi ("oil, in") atlutsasgi ("kettle") agau ("fire, on) agune:i ("he was put into"[reportedly]).
Agau also announces it intends to grant options for the purchase of 819,000 common shares at a price of $0.
The governor of Wau, Andrea Mayar Acho, in a decree, relived his deputy, Anthony Charles Ngberende, security advisor, Dominic Emilio, local government minister, Joseph Uyu, health minister, Bona Gaundensio Wol, the commissioner of Udici, James Akuar Agau and the commissioner of Marial Bai, James Mabuong, among others.
Gwynedd goldsmith Philip Bryce-Granger, of The Agau Jewellery Studio at the Corris Craft Centre, has began the fastidious task of producing the medals, which will be awarded to shepherds from all over the world when they compete in Bala.