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The governor was welcomed at the local church by local women, chiefs and youths, including wrestler Agau Kol Nyok.
President Bashir s reciprocal visit underscores a strong political will by the two leaders to work closely to create a conducive climate for the two countries to proper economically and to live side by side in sustainable peace and stability the joint communique read by the Secretary General of the Government of South Sudan Hon Abdun Agau read in part.
The Beja of the northernmost region, the Agau of the central plateaus, and the Sidamo of the southern foothills and savanna regions are the remnants of the earliest known groups to have occupied Ethiopia, but migration flows have seen many other peoples enter Ethiopia's ethnic mix, such as Yemenis, Greeks, Indians and Turks.
We have received three thousand one hundred fifty dollars from Agau Resources, Inc.
MUSHROOMS LUNDAYEH FAMILY SCIENTIFIC NAME NAME Agau -- Unknown species Alit -- Unknown species Alub Amanitaceae Amanita sp.
To mark the occasion a Gwynedd goldsmith, Philip BryceGranger, of the Agau Jewellery Studio at the Corris Craft Centre, was commissioned to produce more than 200 gold, silver, bronze and pewter medals for the world's greatest sheepdogs.
Organisers appointed the Agau Jewellery Studio, at the Corris Craft Centre, near Machynlleth, to produce the gold, silver, bronze and pewter awards.
Agau also announces it intends to grant options for the purchase of 819,000 common shares at a price of $0.
Our people came and they heard the messages of peace and unity from the president of Uganda and our own president," said Agau.
Gwynedd goldsmith Philip Bryce-Granger, of The Agau Jewellery Studio at the Corris Craft Centre, has began the fastidious task of producing the medals, which will be awarded to shepherds from all over the world when they compete in Bala.
Bona Malwal, former Minister of Culture and Information, and currently a member of the Leadership Council of Sudan's National Democratic Alliance; Abdon Agau Jok Nhial, Deputy Chairman of the Sudan Human Rights Organization- Cairo; and Dr.
The cabinet is not being formed because of division but because the president wants to conduct wide consultation with different political players and actors in the country", Agau said.