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a group of people, remnants of the ancient population of Ethiopia: Bilen (Bogos), Xamir, Xamta, Qwara, Kemant, Kayla, and Awiya. The Agau live in the provinces of Gojam and Wollo, near Lake Tana, in the vicinity of Gondar and to the north of Asmara in Eritrea. The overall Agau population is about 60,000 (1967 estimate). They speak Cushitic languages. Some of the Agau have been assimilated into the Amharic-speaking majority, and others have adopted the Tigrai and Tigre languages. Among the Agau are Muslims, Christian Monophysites, and Judaists (the Falasha). The main occupation of the Agau is farming in conjunction with livestock breeding.


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En este amplio territorio viven alrededor de 21 grupos etnicos (bertha, gumuz, boro, gwama, komo, bambasi mao, hozo, seze, sith shwala, anfillo/busase, opuuo, anuak, nuer, sabu, majangir, agaw, oromo, amhara, kambata, hadiya y shekkacho) (Fig.
g time a agai agaW fo Cara up h Coven landin Pho m Godolphin's Blue Point leads the Middle Park market at a best price of 6-4 with bet365.
The unique AGAW module for advanced agents management is now included.
agaw Ashcroft said: "I was absolutely chuffed to get the goal.
En lenguas suderitraicas--como el grupo cushitico ocurre lo mismo, por ejemplo en bedauye *kn expresa 'conocimento' y en agaW (cushitico--central) k(i/a)n sugieren 'aprendizaje'.
Abdon Agaw, secretary general of South Sudan government told Al-Jazeera that President Salva Kiir extended an invitation to President Al-Bashir in spite of the current tension between the two countries.
No kaspangarigan ket adda (If ever attempts are made) Ti mang agaw ditoy daga (to take the land away from us) Ay pagtitinnulungan (let us help each other) Bantayan, salakniban (guard and defend the land)
I shall allude to some of the theories that I consider questionable propounded by recent Ethiopisants: that the Beta Israel are not any different from other Ethiopians; that they are Christian converts to some form of quasi-Judaism; that the nomenclature Falasha does not go back to before the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries; that Ayhud (Jewish) is a derogatory term to identify Christian heretics; that they are Ethiopians who do not know Hebrew but speak the Amharic and Agaw languages; that they do not represent "normative" Judaism; that overall some aspects of their history are inventions intended to liken their history to that of other Jewish groups; that they only recently started identifying themselves as Ayhud (Jewish).
Since Cushitic data are plentiful in his discussion, the author is fastidious to reiterate his position that the Agaw languages are not Central Cushitic, but rather East Cushitic (p.
Agaw Jok Nhial, Nour Tawir Kafi, and Eltigani Seisi Mohamed: Human Rights Abuses in the Southern Sudan, the Nuba Mountains, and Darfur Region, a paper submitted to Cairo Workshop, op.
The Taskforce will also have a secretariat to be headed by the GoSS Secretary General, Abdoun Agaw, to assist in facilitating the secretariat work to the body.
In Ethiopia, Amharic has spread considerably into territory earlier populated by speakers of other languages - in ancient times the southern Agaw language of north-central Ethiopia, and since the nineteenth century, languages of the south such as Cushitic Sidamo and Omotic Kafa.