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She said because of the make-up of the school, it is expected the school will not have mixed age classes but instead have three classes of 25.
Of these 440 individuals, we captured 127, 164, 106, 79, and 25 in age classes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, respectively.
Average annual dispersal distances were significantly different between age classes ([F.
To evaluate relative height between age classes and further assess browse impact, comparisons were made of the proportion of plots containing a dominant commercial stem [greater than or equal to] 3.
Forest age classes were defined with 2 plots from 1789-1800, four plots from 1801-1860, three plots from 1861-1900, and four plots from 1901-2000.
We used Fisher's exact tests to compare infection prevalence among four age classes of deer (1.
On the other hand, the children of the [5-9] and [10-14] age classes are slightly over-represented; still under the theoretical maximum values, they do not represent a significant demographic anomaly.
Each frequency value is then divided by the corresponding running average frequency and plotted to identify the most likely center of the age classes represented.
Three of the four Blues taken to the event from Bowsden Moor at Berwick won their age classes, then the partnership picked up another five titles to add to their tally.
Using life history and population data on sturgeon that spawn in the Ural River, researchers examined the implications of keeping different age classes offish in the population.
Improving our understanding of how interannual ecologic site variability affects nutritional status and fitness of different bird age classes will lead to improved land management and conservation strategies.
americana were overdispersed and failed to be normalized via transformation, a non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis oneway ANOVA on ranks (corrected for ties) was used to compare fluke parasite load and infection rates among host age classes and season of capture.