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Researcher Mehboob Tabish says that Prahlad was born in Treta Yuga which is second out of four yugas (the ages of mankind) and is lasted 3,600 divine years or 1.29 human years.
(13) Indeed, the similarities between Genesis and Ovid's highly influential account of the creation and ages of mankind in the opening book of the Metamorphoses were felt to be so remarkable that Arthur Golding, composer of the first popular English translation of the poem, could demand of his reader: 'What man is he but would suppose the author of this book | The first foundation of his work from Moses' writings took?' (14) George Sandys, in his commentary on Ovid's description of the Golden Age, confidently drew the parallel: 'this happy estate abounding with all felicities, assuredly represented that which man injoyed in his innocency' (p.
In Lost Star Of Myth And Time, Walter Cruttenden argues that a binary relationship of two heavenly bodies may well be the cause of the Dark Ages and the Golden Ages of mankind down through the millennia.
Still this weapon of the dark ages of mankind had a big drawback.
Noah and Abraham are not merely important figures in the history of mankind according to the Biblical understanding of that history; their lives and careers marked off specific ages of mankind. The ten generations from Adam to Noah were the whole antediluvian age of mankind.