Aggregate Fruit

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aggregate fruit

[′ag·rə·gət ′früt]
A type of fruit composed of a number of small fruitlets all derived from the ovaries of a single flower.
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Aggregate Fruit


in plants, a single fruit formed by the concrescence of fruits that have developed from the flowers of an inflorescence. Aggregate fruits characterize the fig, sugar beet, pineapple, and mulberry. Some botanists consider true aggregate fruits to be only those aggregate fruits that fall from the maternal plant in their entirety, together with the proliferated axis (fig, sugar beet).

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Aggregate fruits are formed from many separate carpels (ovaries) of a single flower, as in the strawberry, raspberry and blackberry.
Oh no, strawberries are aggregate fruits) I could see our vet student's eyes glaze over.
Raspberries are aggregate fruits, meaning they are made up of a grouping of smaller, seed-containing fruits that surround a hollow cavity Though red raspberries are most common, there are many color varieties such as black, purple, orange, yellow, and true to folklore, white.

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