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Akhtar Vaqar Azeem, former MD PTV, Chief Executive Lok Versa Dr Fauzia Saeed, anchor Murtaza Solangi and famous poet Iftikhar Arif also spoke of their association with Agha Nasir on the occasion.
When deciding on the designers he works with Agha considers factors such as their capability, creativity and their reliability.
However, Agha Steel Industries (ASI) is participating to develop and devise firm policies and viable strategies respectively.
People were saying we expected more coverage," says Shir Agha, but he adds that he has received a great deal of sympathy.
Agha Steel is first Pakistani company to introduce ASTM A706 Grade 60' steel for the local market which is Earth Quake resistant approved steel according to American Standards.
Agha was almost instantly beloved by everyone who met him, and Merrill was no different.
Al Agha paid farewell calls on President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday at Temple Trees .
EyE-p Agha -- or 'Ayip Agha,' as he was called in the local dialect -- was among the notables in the area.
Summary: Although they lived mere kilometers away from each other for much of their lives, Burhan Mousa Agha and Abir al-Kak did not meet until they were refugees in another country.
SALMA Agha's daughter Sasha Agha is Yash Raj Films' new find.
This is in view of the Middle East facing a real threat of nuclear weapons, said Iranian Ambassador Mehdi Agha Jafari.
Saadallah Agha al-Qalaa stressed on Monday that the government is providing support and paying attention to the tourism sector.