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in the Turkish sultanates the title of the military leaders, including the commander of the janissaries, and the title of the heads of certain groups of court servants. After the abolition of the janissaries in 1826, “Aga” became the name for junior and middle-level officers of the Turkish army. In modern Turkey, ağa is a form of address to prosperous landowners and sometimes part of a person’s name.

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Abbr. for “American Gas Association.”
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The NAB Karachi had arrested Agha Siraj Durrani from a hotel in Islamabad in February this year.
In the 90s Agha distanced himself from radio to focus on his job and further studies.
Shafiq Mousvi and Kalpana Devi also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the services of late Agha Shahabuddin.
This part was the most intense but I loved coming up with the concept, thinking about the brand persona, objectives, and how to represent them to the audience," said Agha.
While it is clear that Merrill's influence on Agha was profound, there are a number of red herrings.
"Even though Ayip Agha accepted Sara's wishes, her brother died under suspicious circumstances a year later.
Long and lanky Mousa Agha grew up just next door in Bab Sb.
Agha added that the Afghan people or government could be taken on board at a later stage, reports The Express Tribune.
During the proceedings, the judges drew Agha's attention towards the upcoming situation in the BHC, asking him that in such a situation when there was no senior judge available, how would the judicial commission be formed and how would it initiate the process of the judges' appointment?
It is the Mosque of Murad Agha which is considered one of the most important mosques that exist in Libya for the reasons of time and the personality of the man who established it in the middle of the sixteenth century.
The love people rear for Agha Ji exhibits itself in one form or the other every now and then.
To watch the video of the Iranian woman Neda Agha Sultan shot please go to: