Kitab al-Aghani

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Kitab al-Aghani

(kētäb` äl-ägänē`) [Arab.,=book of songs], collection of poems in many volumes compiled by Abu al-Faraj Ali of EsfahanAbu al-Faraj Ali of Esfahan
, 897–967, Arabic scholar from Iran. He is mainly known for his invaluable Kitab al-Aghani (book of songs), which provides detailed information about the culture and social life of medieval Islam.
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. It contains poems from the oldest epoch of Arabic literature down to the 9th cent. The poems were put to music, but the musical signs are no longer readable. Because of the accompanying biographical annotations on the authors and composers, the work is an important historical source.

Kitab Al-Aghani


(Book of Songs), an Arabic anthology in 20 volumes compiled by Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahani (A.D. 897–967).

The Kitab al-Aghani contains 100 songs of famous poets with the music of Ibrahim al-Mawsili, Ismail ibn-Jami, and Fulaikh ibn al-Awra. These are accompanied by detailed commentary on the poets, composers, and famous singers of the time. The anthology is an invaluable source for the study of Arabic literary and cultural history before the tenth century A.D.


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