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(both: gät), walled town, SW Libya, in an oasis in the Sahara, near the Algerian border. It formerly was an important caravan center. Ghat was captured by the Ottoman Turks in 1875, by the Italians in 1930, and by the French in 1943, during World War II.



an oasis and city in southwestern Libya, Ubari District. Located near the border with the Algerian Sahara at the eastern base of the Tassili N’Ajjer Plateau. Population, approximately 8,000.

Ghat is an administrative and trade center and a junction of caravan routes from Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria to the central Sahara and Niger. Cereals, vegetables, and date palms are cultivated. Sheep and camels are raised. Handicrafts produced are rugs, leather products, baskets, and embossed metal objects. Soda is extracted in the vicinity of Ghat.


in India
1. a mountain pass or mountain range
2. a place of cremation
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