agile software development

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agile software development

An umbrella term for a variety of best practices in creating applications and information systems. These methods have proven to be more effective in dealing with changing requirements during the development phase, which always seem to occur. Also called "lean programming," the agile methods emphasize teamwork, customer involvement and, most significantly, the creation of small or partial pieces of the total system that are tested in a user environment. For example, an application with 25 features might be prototyped with only five or six thoroughly completed before adding more, and so on.

The "Agile Manifesto" was created in 2001 by 17 people involved with Scrum, XP and other software development methods, and the Agile Alliance ( was founded to promote the agile philosophy. Contrast with waterfall development. See Scrum, XP and iterative development.

The Agile Manifesto
Following is a summary of the philosophy behind the Manifesto (for details on all twelve of its principles, visit It states that although the items on the right have value, the items on the left (in bold) have more value.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Working software over comprehensive documentation.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiations.

Responding to change over following a plan.
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Agile methods do not address the process areas beyond level 3.
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Agile Analytics: A Value-Driven Approach to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing is a pick for business and computer holdings alike and teaches the basics of using Agile methods for innovation.
Because of the success stories of agile methods (Sutherland 2007), most software organizations are desirous of changing their old (traditional) way of developing and managing the software process, to the more dynamic, incremental and adaptive agile approaches.
The book begins by reviewing causes of problems such as bloated budgets and overtime projects, then overviews agile methods and how game development can benefit from them.
today announced its sponsorship of Agile 2010, the leading international conference on Agile methods in software development set for August 9 13 in Orlando, Florida.
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In this essay I explore the reasons for agile methods, focusing not so much on their weight but on their adaptive nature and their people-first orientation.
Agile methods have certainly impacted small to medium sized software development projects; however, larger software systems and safety critical system projects do not seem to benefit from the flexibility that agile methods offer.
As companies evaluate Agile methods and begin to take steps toward managing projects in an Agile fashion, we believe that best practices can be found by utilizing pieces of the Waterfall methodology combined with Agile principles, particularly as they relate to requirements gathering," said Nee.
Stevie has been using Agile methods for more than 15 years and has worked with groups as little as five people and with groups larger than 100.

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